Photos: TSA Checkpoint At Mitt Romney Political Event


Image shows TSA screener checking inside baseball cap

Paul Joseph Watson

Photos sent to us via email show TSA screeners rifling through personal possessions at a Mitt Romney political event, including one ludicrous image of a TSA officer checking inside a baseball cap, illustrating again how the federal agency has expanded not only outside of the airport but outside of transportation entirely.

“I was at a Romney event to specifically see if TSA would be there. Here are the pictures,” writes an Alex Jones Show listener.

It’s unclear whether the attendees to the event were forced to undergo a pat down or take off their shoes, but hats were certainly liable for inspection.

The female TSA officer is presumably checking to see if any miniature Al-Qaeda terrorists are lurking inside this suspicious looking red baseball cap.

The TSA has been very busy in recent weeks, placing its agents at events and functions that have nothing whatsoever to do with transportation, emphasizing how the federal agency has stepped way beyond its mandate and become a literal occupying army of uniformed goons.

The TSA inspected personal items and conducted pat downs at both the Republican National Convention in Tampa and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Following the conclusion of the RNC, Ron Paul and his family were detained and interrogated by TSA agents as TSA officials ludicrously insinuated that Paul, his family and his campaign staff could be a threat to Mitt Romney, who “might be nearby.”

TSA workers were also present at a recent Paul Ryan political event in The Villages, Florida, where the screeners conducted invasive bag searches as well as pat downs.

Last year, the TSA was responsible for over 9,000 checkpoints across the United States, a number set to increase thanks to the agency’s bloated budget and its expansion beyond anything vaguely related to transportation.

Since its inception in the US after 9/11, the TSA has grown in size exponentially. The agency was slammed in a recent congressional report for wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on security theatre.

The TSA also recently came under scrutiny for a bizarre new policy where screeners check travelers’ drinks for explosives even though the drinks are purchased inside the airport after travelers have already passed through security.

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    Those uniforms look jewy to me, especially the shoulder patches. But we can officially name them “Blue Shirts”, like “Brown Shirts”? Yeah, that’s what I’m going to start calling them. Maybe I can make it stick and go viral.

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