Pizza Hut is Illuminati commercial


Y’all peep this Pizza Hut commercial aired today. The guy says Pizza Hut is Illuminati. Then also peep the transitions of the scenes, first its a triangle, then an eye …


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  1. Crank Lucas: Ha! Thats pretty funny! Man, I gotta film this and share with others. Might get a good laugh outta this!
    (after reading the comments)
    ahh… shit! slaps himself

  2. Dizzle Dub says:

    Notice that first transition was pyramid shaped. Nanu Nanu.

  3. Obey Amma says:

    What was the last shape

  4. Alex Isaias says:

    I'm sorry man but I'm unsubscribing. I thought you'd be smarter than this crazy shit. Obviously they're trolling the transitions are so obvious and the script is a pisstake too. Bruh wtf would Pizza Hut have to do with the illuminati either??? It ain't like they're a powerful organisation with government ties like Apple or st… they make pizzas, Shit ones at that..

  5. Bruce Lee says:

    it's just for fun

  6. EvilCrusader says:

    the funniest comercial ive ever seen 😀 wonderful! all These symbols in there xD funny af

  7. I don't know bout you guyz but this video is frightening, i can already tell tons are gonna fall for it, we're really in the end of times we need to pray

  8. jay brooklyn says:

    Oh my goodness they did a great job making the conspiracy theorist look retarded

  9. They know we are catching on and they are trying to stay ahead of us. Well…too late assholes. I don't care what people think about me…I know that we live in a world of lies. Once you see it…you can't unsee it. If you don't get it…that's ok. You probably will eventually!

  10. LordHipHop _ says:

    Bruh is this even serious they're clearly trolling…

  11. EJ Love says:

    Google illuminati pizza in Chicago and see what pulls up

  12. You're retarded if you think this is legit, they're MAKING FUN of you conspiracy tin-foil wearing motherfuckers.

  13. JNightingale says:

    $6.99 basically is 666 smh think about it! they don't care anymore they are making a joke so that people still will be blinded by it and not think things are gonna get worse! I mean look at the world right now! we are in hell!!

  14. Trying to make reality into a joke to trick the dumb asses. Too many people are aware of NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. Thwarting the plan.

  15. Helping the GOV mock us.

  16. theyre trying to discredit/mock truthers.

  17. Rev 13:17 – and that nobody can buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name.

    The problem is, people have been using "illuminati" inappropriately. NO rapper or entertainer is apart of the illuminati. They are satanic. Just listen to their lyrics and watch what they do.

    Then they'll go onstage at an awards show and "Thank god!" What god do you think they are speaking to? Not Jehovah God, Creator of heaven and earth.

    Many wonder why SOOOO many of the mainstream rappers are trash…..Rev 13:17. By their actions and lyrics, they show that they are followers of the devil.

    Corporations rule the world, so if a. business is allowed to thrive in this system, you best believe they are a part of Satan's cabal as well.

  18. The last time I had Pizza Hut it was ordered by a warehouse called N.H.K  (winter 2015 or early 2016)…No, it was early 2016 and there was a long, nappy pubic hair in the cheese. I took a picture of it and there is proof of big pizza hut boxes behind the cock hair in the pizza. I haven't eaten Pizza Hut since.

  19. Lucian Moon says:

    Interesting…have you seen the new progressive commercial ???? They actually had 2 truthers in a basement annalising a different progressive video for hiddin conapiracy flashing symbols and shit. Looks like they are making fun of us again so people will thi k we are nuts.

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