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  1. who else got thta weird commercial?

  2. The moon landing was fake??
    Please explain anyone

  3. the moon is fake wtf? if anyone believes that and go along with them I swear I won't care anymore about hope for people

  4. Albert Bravo says:

    pizza hut is actually bomb lmao

  5. Albert Bravo says:

    ur just bashing them because the commercial

  6. I can't believe anyone thinks we landed on the moon. Like, we can't get anywhere now, but youre telling me that years ago, when we had less technology, we landed on the moon? Bullshit.

  7. Stop watching this guy he has been exposed by the truth never sleeps go to his channel scroll through his bids and you'll see it

  8. John Razimus says:

    The moon landing was real.

  9. PIZZA HUT IS GOOD ????!!!!!!!!!

  10. Slickat 503 says:

    this guy sounds like Tom Hanks

  11. no surprise to those who r awake. they lie like their father the devil. Jesus warned us

  12. s mitchell says:

    I believe the moon is fake

  13. I know?the progressive commercial is creepy.with the recording,sounds really weird. God bless you. Try not to get infected with all this things.

  14. That commercial was disgusting because they make the Illumanati look like some normal group of people, when they're satanists who worship satan.

  15. O my god hahaha your pizza sucks I'm dead

  16. Dappdaddy666 says:

    Pizza Hut pizza is better than dominos n papa johns✔️…

  17. Dappdaddy666 says:

    I was w/u guy until u started talking about the mythical Jesus ?….

  18. Idk but Pizza Hut is off the hook I like pizza Hut is alot better then any other pizzas out there, just pray for the pizza and enjoy eating it yummy

  19. I haven't seen this.  But we don't watch much TV so I will be looking for it.

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