Plane Spotting Christchurch International Airport | 26 July 2016


Plane Spotting Christchurch International Airport on 26 July 2016
Runway – 02
Published on 26 July 2016
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Christchurch is my home airport and this morning was a stunning day to catch a few arrivals and departures from one of my favourite spots along runway 02. Notice also the snow-capped southern alps in the background. The traffic included one “Heavy” arrival – SQ297 Singapore Airlines B777 (9V-SVG) direct from Singapore.

Airlines Include; Air New Zealand, Air New Zealand Link, Singapore Airlines, Jetstar and Air Ambulance.
Aircraft Include; ATR 72-500 & ATR 72-600, B777-200, A320, Cessna 441 Conquest II

SQ297 from Singapore, Singapore Airlines B777-200 (9V-SVG)
JQ287 from Wellington Jetstar A320 (VH-VFN)
NZ5261 from Nelson Air Zealand Link ATR500 (ZK-MCA)
NZ513 from Auckland Air New Zealand A320 (ZK-OXG)
NZ5374 from Queenstown Air Zealand Link ATR600 (ZK-MVC)
NZ335 from Wellington Air New Zealand A320 (ZK-OXH)
JQ229 from Auckland Jetstar A320 (VH-VGA)

NZ508 to Auckland Air New Zealand A320 (ZK-OXI)
NZ5003 to Invercargill Air Zealand Link ATR500 (ZK-MCJ)
Air Ambulance Flight – Cessna 441 Conquest II (ZK-NFD)
NZ627 to Queenstown Air New Zealand A320 (ZK-OXK)
JQ228 to Auckland Jetstar A320 (VH-VFK)

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  1. Hey mate, I've been considering booking a flight down to Christchurch to do some filming down there and was wondering if you had advice for where is best to film? I use to film in Christchurch (about 2009) from the roof of the airport but after flying down early this year it became apparent it was no longer available to film from. I'm using quite a mid range lens(18-55mm) so the closer to the runway or taxiway the better, cheers dude!

  2. Aviatorspot says:

    Nice catch at CHCH! What's the street name/area at the spot? You didnt move closer to the fence.. A tripod is good idea. ChCh does not have many foreign aircraft fly there.

  3. Andrew Scott says:

    Kia ora guys. As a Kiwi from Chch living in the UK, great to see my home airport. ??

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