Planes at London Heathrow Airport, Close-Up RW27L Arrivals – 23-12-16


Probably one of my favourite videos to film, edit and upload this year. Every year on the 23rd December we go up to Heathrow to do a bit of spotting, usually at …


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  1. always perfection.  thank you so much for your hard work

  2. enjoyed it a lot. thanks superb video

  3. Maybe you will hit 5k by the end of the year ?

  4. quality as always. personally i hate the car traffic noise, but i still love this video!:)

  5. Hello Casey! It finishes 2016 and I continue enjoying your excellent works !! In
    the distance I have been able to enjoy and appreciate your deliveries,
    which has allowed me to know more your favorite places and to feed my
    fanaticism by aviation.
    That's why I thank you for sharing your work and passion.
    My desire is that you have an excellent 2017, and that in this new year all your wishes and projects will be fulfilled!!

  6. Pwoar some of the wing streams are awesome!

  7. Bert Vaes says:

    rene magritte is one of the most beautiful birds of 2016

  8. Really brilliant footage altogether Casey, too much to comment on individually but my own favourite was the United Star Allliance 777. Well done. Liked :)

  9. J Ma says:

    not sure of kuwait's new livery….seems like they are trying to copy Qatar's example

  10. Richard Wang says:

    How do you get such good lighting at night? I've tried night spotting at mrtyle avenue before, always find myself to be the only one around haha and its too cold in the winter :3

  11. Your videos never fail to amaze me Casey! So jealous of the incredible traffic you get over at Heathrow! Loved the lighting for the BA A380 at the 15 minute mark! Huge like from me, really appreciate all the support you've given me throughout the year!

  12. Fantastic work Casey! Well done

  13. FLG_otzxPS says:

    Hey Casey great video I acctually am from England but I live in Washington DC and my dad has a big role in condor airways as Vice President for the Caribbean and the United States and I always like going to Washington Dulles IAD to watch plane my favorite arrival is when the British airways airbus a380 comes in!

  14. The Kuwait 777 was my favourite, I need to catch that! LIKED :)

  15. Absolutely fantastic compilation! I liked it a lot! There is so much variety in here!

  16. top Video! A narrow body special Would be great

  17. Aviation_LHR says:

    love this can u check out my latest vids

  18. hmjs13 says:

    Kuwait airways ❤️

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