Planet Asia: Stop Calling All Successful Black People Illuminati (Like Jay-Z)

20 i (Doggie Diamonds) sat down with Planet Asia for a rare interview. Planet Asia speaks on what hip hop means to him and how he …


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  1. Taylay 1100 says:

    I lucked up on a jewel. doggie!

  2. Ross Thomas says:

    He's from fresno

  3. what ppl don't understand is that the "Illuminati" is not jus one group but it's a intricate power system of many groups and/or beliefs..Jigga is affiliated with that "system" whether u deny it or not…Truth is hidden in plain sight

  4. Taylay 1100 says:

    damn doggie that was a good ass interview

  5. You do the best interviews!!!!

  6. KILOKEYZ101 says:

    Planet Asia been ? for time. Real talk. Real rap. Sick video man.

  7. He said some real sh!t

  8. will2games says:

    great interview dude

  9. Hanif Abdul says:

    Great Interview. Planet Asia is official

  10. Lee Swift says:

    I know him from Ras Kass

  11. lol I read between the lines of the two ex he was talking about Future..high..Drake..talking about women

  12. AcKnowledge7 says:

    Peace to the God! Great build!

  13. I would have put it little different, but he correct.

  14. mark ford says:

    DAMN!!! this interview was hard af!! Salute to the god

  15. Katie maze says:

    real classy, real mature

  16. RealGuild says:

    Been saying this for years man. Hypocrites smh

  17. Tha realist interview Ive ever heard
    Thats why I fucks with you doggie
    Diamon's keep it up

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