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Planning for disaster WILL make a difference. It will alleviate undo suffering and hardship for you and whoever you have included in your disaster plan. Most people do not plan for the unexpected, and seldom consider the disaster insurance benefits of planning for disaster.

Benefits of Planning For Disaster

Planning forces you to consider the disaster scenarios themselves.

You will think through the contingency plans of various disaster scenarios which will enable discovery of new ‘know-how’, disaster warning signs, backup plans, needed supplies, and other requirements and  contingencies.

It will elevate your overall confidence, will bring calm, and a feeling of self-reliance, strength and independence.

Your life, living through a disaster will suffer less, perhaps far less than others who have not planned.

Planning for disaster may even save your life.

How to Plan For Disaster

Discover the risks that you face. Think about  ‘what if’. Write them down.

Evaluate the odds of each risk/disaster actually occurring and set your planning priorities based on the odds.

Begin the planning process based first on the basics, and one’s needs for survival, given your current location and situation. (water, food, shelter, defense, communications, …)

Establish plans of action for each item or category that needs attention. Write it down.

Execute each plan. Actually ‘do it’.

It all sounds pretty simple, but the unfortunate reality is that most people are not planning for disaster, not even a little bit, and that will ultimately create huge problems once TSHTF.

Get it done. Be Prepared.

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