Plastic World War 3 PART 1 (Read discription)


russia has declared war to the world a few american soldiers are going to San Lorenzo America to fight against the russian army troops. SORRY! WE HAVE …


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  1. cpmitchell3 says:

    What video editing software did you use for the effects

  2. Qazwsxlion says:


  3. Qazwsxlion says:

    Omg i even have the same cars u hav the same stuff as mine…

  4. hey the dnm studios. were can i get the airplane and helicopter?

  5. John Slaven says:

    you do sum very good army men videos! are they small army men

  6. How did u make the buildings and are they small army men

  7. Zachary Shaw says:

    what company makes that ac 130 gunship plane? If you dont mind me asking

  8. [Z]EKTOR says:

    You are best ! =)

  9. Сука ебанная какие русские могут захотеть войны?! Это вы АМЕРИКОСЫ хотите войны и говорите Россия хочет захватить мир 

  10. How it you make that explosion

  11. what toy soldiers did you use?

  12. where did you buy the vehicles?

  13. Andy Giglio says:

    What was the middle eastern song in the background? Where did you get the 1:32 cars?

  14. This is amazing ! I really love it !

  15. kidd prodigy says:

    why is it that in every world war they say that Russia is the cause that is so stereotype but the audio was great

  16. jenny lu says:

    On the world??? Bad choice Russia, be smarter and fight one alliance and army at a time.

  17. OB Gamer says:

    Best thing I've ever seen!!!

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