Playing With Eternal Fire

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Jim Kirwan

HAARP has dwarfed nuclear weapons.

This involves HAARP’s reversal of the polarities of the earth to attract the meteor’s that will destroy the planet.

The Red Dust, in Texas now, is not new its appearance is the first phase of a global pole shift!

Playing With Eternal Fire

The Red Dust that‘s here now is the first stage of what afflicted the earth during the first global interaction between a meteor and this planet. This is described in “World’s in Collision” by Immanuel Velikovsky, copyright 1950. Watch the video (1)

A few days ago I began to re-read “Worlds in Collision” and again I was struck by the power of what he speaks of as “catastrophes of global dimensions” in his book. He’s speaking about events that happened all over the planet, in differing degrees, according to where one was at the time of the contacts made with an onrushing comet.

In the book the Red Rain originated with the meteor, which in the video is attributed to possible alien-life. I don’t profess to “know” but to me it looks like HAARP has attracted the meteors (lights in the sky) and that might have some bearing on what has been happening here since we entered into the new millennium…

The Red World

Pg. 48 “In the middle of the second millennium before the present era ~ the earth underwent one of the greatest catastrophe’s in history. A celestial body that had only shortly before become a member of the solar system—a new comet—came very close to earth. The account of this catastrophe can be reconstructed from evidence supplied by a large number of documents.

The comet was on its way from its perihelion and touched the earth first with its gaseous tail…

…One of the first visible signs of this encounter was the reddening of the earth’s surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment. In sea, lake, and river this pigment gave a bloody coloring to the water. Because of these particles of ferruginous or other soluble pigment, the world turned red.

The Manuscript Quiche of the Mayas tells that in the Western Hemisphere, in the days of the great cataclysm, when the earth quaked and the sun’s motion was interrupted, the water in the rivers turned to blood.” Quotations are listed in the book from many other sources around the world as well, (including biblical quotes)…

“The skin of men and of animals was irritated by the dust, which causes boils, sickness, and the death of cattle ~ Wild animals frightened by the sky, came close to villages and cites.

It was of course, not this mountain or that river or that sea exclusively that was reddened, thus earning the name Red or Bloody, as distinguished from other mountains and seas. But crowds of men, wherever they were, who witnessed the cosmic upheaval and escaped with their lives, ascribed the name Haemus or Red to particular places.”


Pg 53, “…The tails of comets are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen gases. Lacking oxygen, they do not burn in flight, but the inflammable gases, passing through an atmosphere containing oxygen, will be set on fire. If carbon and hydrogen gases, or vapor of a composition of these two elements, enter the atmosphere in huge masses, a part of them will burn, binding all the oxygen available at the moment; the rest will escape combustion, but in swift transition will become liquid. Falling on the ground, the substance, if liquid, would sink into the pores of the sand and into clefts between the rocks; falling on water it would remain floating if the fire in the air is extinguished before new supplies of oxygen arrive from other regions.

The descent of a sticky fluid which came earthward and blazed with heavy smoke is recalled in the oral and written traditions of the inhabitants of both hemispheres.

Torrents of petroleum poured down upon the Caucasus and were consumed. The smoke of the Caucasus fire was still in the imaginative sight of Ovid, fifteen centuries later, when he described the burning of the world.”

The Darkness

[As] The earth entered deeper into the tail of the onrushing comet and approached its body. This approach if one is to believe the sources, was followed by a disturbance in the rotation of the earth. Terrific hurricanes swept the earth because of the change or reversal of the angular velocity of rotation and because of the sweeping gases, dust and cinders of the comet.”

Here follows a period of time during which across the planet the sun

stops in the sky as does the moon, and for a period of time that varies from three to five days, during which time the sun and the moon did not appeal to “set”.


The earth forced out of its regular motion, reacted to the close approach of the body of the comet: a major shock convulsed the lithosphere, and the area of the earthquake was the entire globe.

The Hurricane

Pg 67, “The swift shifting of the atmosphere under the impact of the gaseous parts of the comet, the drift of the air attracted by the body of the comet, and the rush of the atmosphere resulting from inertia when the earth stopped rotating or shifted its poles, all contributed to produce hurricanes of enormous velocity and force, and of world wide dimensions.

Manuscript Troano and other documents of the Mayas describe a cosmic catastrophe during which the ocean fell on the continent, and a terrible earthquake swept the earth. The hurricane broke up and carried away all towns and all forests. Exploding volcanoes, tides sweeping over mountains, and impetuous winds threatened to annihilate humankind, and actually did annihilate many species of animals. The face of the earth changed, mountains collapsed, other mountains grew and rose over the onrushing cataract of water driven from oceanic spaces, numberless rivers lost their beds, and a wild tornado moved through the debris descending from the sky. The end of the world was caused by Hurakan, the physical agent that brought darkness and swept away houses and trees and even rocks and mounds of earth. From this name is derived “hurricane,” the word we use for strong wind. Hurakan destroyed the major part of the human race. In the darkness swept by the wind, resinous stuff fell from the sky and participated with fire and water in the destruction of the world. For five days, save for the burning naphtha and burning volcanoes, the world was dark, since the sun did not appear.”

The earthly debris scattered all over the planet, left by the Hurricane, was disputed by “the science” which contends that the only way that the current location of such stones can be explained is by the very slow movement they were obviously part of in the ice-sheets created during the ice ages and therefore can have had nothing to do with this “wild tale” that could not have happened. (This was written in 1950)

This second millennium comet interacted with the earth on several different occasions.

Pg 77: “When the earth passed through the gases, dust and meteorites of the tail of the comet, disturbed in rotation, it proceeded on a distorted orbit. Emerging from the darkness, the Eastern Hemisphere faced the head of the comet. This head only shortly before had passed close to the sun and was in a state of candescence. The night the great earthquake shook the globe was, according to rabbinical literature, as bright as the day of the summer solstice. Because of the proximity of the earth the comet left its own orbit and for awhile followed the orbit of the earth. The great ball of the comet retreated, then again approached the earth, shrouded in a great column of gases which looked like a pillar of smoke during the day and of fire at night, and the earth passed once more through the atmosphere of the comet, this time at its neck. This was accompanied by violent and incessant electrical discharges between the atmosphere of the tail and the terrestrial atmosphere. There was an interval of six-days between these two close approaches.

When the tidal waves rose to their highest point, and the seas were torn apart, a tremendous spark flew between the earth and the globe of the comet, which instantly pushed down the miles-high billows. Meanwhile the tail of the comet and its head, having become entangled with each other by their close contact with the earth, exchanged violent discharges of electricity… eventually the discharges tore the column to pieces, a process that was accompanied by a rain of meteorites upon the earth.” (2)

The brilliantly displayed war in the heavens, that was witnessed world-wide, was followed all over the earth by the adherents of the various religions, each of which imbued this fight with the obvious triumph of their own god or gods, as victors.

Had today’s world spent more time learning about the anomalies within the universe and our place in it; then we would never have allowed HAARP to be built in the first place! The people of the world could still destroy HAARP and potentially allow nature to take back her Jet Streams and her control of the global weather… But only if we make that happen!

When we compare what can be done to the universe with nuclear weapons, versus what happened to the planet in the second millennium: Then it’s clear that nature and her dominion should never have been challenged: Especially not by a bunch of global-outlaws who will never be able to control what they are unleashing right now!

Jim Kirwan

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    The universe is a shooting gallery. Its a miracle we are even here!

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