P!nk – Family Portrait


P nk ‘s official music video for ‘ Family Portrait ‘ . Click to listen P ! Nk on Spotify : http://smarturl.it/PSpot?IQid=PFaPo As described on Greatest Hits … So Far !!! . Click …


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  1. shaden hani says:

    I moved to United States about three years ago with my parents and two little brothers. we went to a place where we didn't know any body we only had each other. It's sad to discover your parents in a different way through tough situation. I realized how my dad is an asshole, but he only act nice around me and my brothers. I remember how I was so close ho him before we moved, and now he only live to shame my mom about every single mistake. I should've just moved from the house since I'm 20, but my brothers always holds me back. I just wish all this suffering would be over.

  2. Bubblybrii says:

    I love her dark hair

  3. Kitty Kat says:

    My parents fight, they divorced and then got back together then divorced again then my mom only moved in with him cause she had no money, I moved in with her when we moved, and they fight A LOT.

  4. trey wilson says:

    my parent is divorce if your parent are divorce thumb up

  5. HDmjuzik says:

    This song always gives me the creeps

  6. Reminds me if my family now, It's sad… My parents have been fighting so much…. My dad yells, my mom cries. I need my father in my life because he's my only father figure… I can't let them divorce. It has come to physical fighting.. Right now It's just screaming…

  7. Tears flow every time I hear this song.

  8. I like your song

  9. Sandy Franta says:

    Im glad i have a loving family thank god ❤️

  10. There is only one thing that makes me cry in this song… It seems to run in the family. I was lucky enough to have a loving family but my nan got divorced making my mum have to do exactly what happens in this song. She had to split the holidays and life probably sucked ass for her. But she got divorced herself later which is really sad for me but luckily I was not born when they divorced so it did not effect me. To all those out there who have a divorced family: I'm sorry you have to live with all this crap in your life.

  11. Bona Drini says:

    I love this song ♥♥

  12. включаеш слушаеш вместе с ней это проживает

  13. This is so what's happening to me!!!?????

  14. raped CRAYON says:

    this song and dont let me get me, helped me so much through out my childhood…

  15. LaLa Tilson says:

    this song is how I felt with my parents split when I was 13.. I relate alot to music, being its my life, and poetry

  16. Hi it's rolf, it Hurts but in a good way.

  17. if grown ups are reading this and have a family don't fight work things out so your kids don't have to feel this pain like my friend she never got to know her dad so don't get divorced work it out and be a family

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