Police Chief Warns Illuminati World Order “Come & Take It!!” 2015



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  1. rayc1962 says:

    I love this guy!!

  2. Debby Hunter says:

    Thank you! It feels so good to know that our law enforcement, Patriots, will stand up for those that can't keep it going God bless.

  3. Alonzo Fair says:

    America fuck yeah 

  4. john luis says:

    I love this fellow

  5. War Machine says:

    To Obama and all the new world order trash and american politicians,you are not taking my guns ever end of story i will never submit EVER!!

  6. Leo Rasch says:

    Something tells me …. that dood ain't gonna go quietly . 

  7. That's some good recoil control he has there

  8. Damnit Riggs says:


  9. TIER zero says:


  10. Nora Iconiq says:

    Brave man welcome aboard

  11. Can I get an AMEN!!!

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