Police Officer Claims McDonald’s Worker Deliberately Served Him Raw Burger


Officer Rob Moore pulls up to the McDonald’s drive-through in Derry, New Hampshire a couple times a week for some fast food, ordering a double quarter pounder with cheese. It’s usually the only place open working the night shift.

Police Officer Claims McDonald’s Worker Deliberately Served Him Raw Burger

“I was the only one at the restaurant. I drove through and I was in full uniform,” said Moore. He grabbed his order and pretty hungry he dug in and quickly took four bites before realizing something was wrong. “I took the bun off and the first patty was cooked, the second patty revealed a raw mess and I’m sitting there holding that. I couldn’t believe what I just ate.”

Officer Moore believes it was no accident given the circumstances. “A lot of people don’t like police officers, all the circumstances are there. Only one there in full uniform and it was obviously cooked after I arrived.”

The problem is it wasn’t cooked and a few hours later he became violently ill. Moore says he contacted the franchise owner and was told the cook was a manager in training

He says he was also told there is surveillance video of the cook preparing his order. “I was told you could see him actually put the patty into the cooker, trying to close the mechanism a couple of times, eventually taking it out and putting it on the bun and serving it to me like that. It’s unacceptable.”

McDonald’s would only release a statement saying, “We take matters regarding food safety and quality very seriously. We have investigated the issue and have resolved the customer’s concern at the restaurant level.”

Officer Moore believes there should be more stringent procedures for monitoring employees. “This could happen to anybody, not just law enforcement,” he said.

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  1. doesntmatter says:

    “Officer Moore believes there should be more stringent procedures for monitoring employees.”

    o_0 annnnnnnnnd what about the same damn thing for “law enforcement”????

    you are what you eat.

  2. Maat Men Nefer says:

    Even giving the employee the benefit of the doubt..the fact that the raw hamburger was so toxic it made the policeman sick says a lot about our food ‘system.’ There used to be a time when people ate rare meat safely and even had ‘steak tartare’ (raw meat) without incident!

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    The employee taking chances poisoning a cop is unacceptable and devoid of any humor. Death by food poisoning is not a pretty sight.
    Simply eating anything from McD’s is a gamble anyway because their burgers only have 2 to 15% muscle meat and then crap fillers.
    You get what you pay for. I hope the shithead employee was fired for cause.

  4. Ltpar says:

    Hey, lighten up. That was probably one of the McDonalds employees who now think they should be paid $15. an hour. Good help is hard to find even at those rates. Make mine a Big Mac and very well done on the patties.

    • Maat Men Nefer says:

      McDonald’s employees should be paid enough to earn a living; McDonald’s makes billions in profits by underpaying their employees and You pick up the tab in more ways than one…those employees must often use welfare or food stamps to make up for the poverty wages. ‘Find another job’ is just a cruel slogan..there often aren’t any other jobs!I was stuck in a waiting room the other day and I read what I could find…a gloating article in Fortune talking about how even graduates from Yale Law school are having hard time finding entry level jobs in their field because computer programs can now do what a legal graduate used to do!

  5. Oh boo – fuckin – hoo orrificer. That’s what you get for eating that crap anyway. Got a good ol’ dose of raw additives and pharmaceuticals. Aren’t “you just lovin’ it”?

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