Police Photographer Suspended for Leaking Crime Scene Photos of Boston Bomber


Following the release of the latest edition of Rolling Stone, which features accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s photo displayed front and center like some sort of celebrity, tactical photographer for the Massachusetts State Police Sergeant Sean Murphy released his own photos of Tsarnaev to Boston magazine. Only Murphy didn’t have permission to do so and now he’s in a bit of hot water over the admittedly emotional decision.

“The truth is that glamorizing the face of terror is not just insulting to the family members of those killed in the line of duty, (but) it also could be an incentive to those who may be unstable to do something to get their face on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine,” Murphy told Boston magazine. “I hope that the people who see these images will know that this was real. It was as real as it gets. This may have played out as a television show, but this was not a television show,” he said.

“An image like this on the cover of Rolling Stone … we see it instantly as being wrong. What Rolling Stone did was wrong. This guy is evil. This is the real Boston bomber. Not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine,” he explained.

Murphy has since been relieved of his duties and placed on suspension. Authorities will determine next week whether or not to give him his position back.





[Daily Mail]


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  1. this atrial is a pile of gov. crap!!!!! did any of you commenters ever check out the thousands of photos of the bombing showing blackwater opps at the bombing site,with huge backpacks,one of which perfectily matched the blown up backpack that held the bomb!!!!!!!!these two kids were used by the gov. to cover up their own false flag event!!!check things out before you spout your lies and nonsense!!!!!!!

    • 5 War Veteran says:

      Yes I viewed hundreds of videos and I have a library full of them. I have hundreds of photos as well on every “conspiracy” of recent times. Need 9/11 pictures? Got them too. LOL!

  2. sarabella says:

    the real insult of what rolling stone did was act as judge and jury… the image is yet further proof that we are not being told the truth… and where there are lies of this magnitude …. there are many more lies… such as his guilt?? ask questions … never stop asking questions … and distrust those that lie to you … the mass media spin of why he exposed these important images was to show he is probably not guilty??

  3. 5 War Veteran says:

    The media circus is designed to promote the will of the Elite. Everything we see and hear from Main Stream Media is used to control and shape the thinking of the American sheeple. Until Americans can choose to think on their own and learn to place value into more important things other than what the media decides is important we will continue to be snowed by deceptive media tactics.
    Angelina’s boobs are meaningless, what some Celebrity sells their house for is meaningless, what any of these false idols does is meaningless. What does have meaning is what your government does in your name without your permission.
    What value are Presidents tears because 23 children died when by his hands more than 300 children have died in drone attacks sent in the name of America? Your Name.
    Is this OK as long as your favorite TV show plays tonight? Is this OK as long as your gridiron hero does not get caught for rape? Hey it is OK for celebrities to do cocaine and drink and drive but it is not OK for the crack head in your neighborhood to do the same? OH it is OK because that is just Lindsay Lohan and she “does” those sort of things.
    Why does wealth and “celebrity” seem to lessen the value of crimes that you would spend years in jail for? Why is there a double standard in your mind? Why is it OK for Nancy Grace to make criminal claims on television when the evidence shows she was wrong, very wrong?
    Why do bankers who have committed crimes against humanity walk free when you or I would spend decades for the very same crimes? Why do politicians get away with bold faced lies when we would be slandered and fired for the very same things?

    Why IS There A Double Standard? Because you as ‘The People’ allow it. You are too enamored with false idolatry and fantasy that you forget your own responsibility.

    Remember ALL THESE “public servants” work for YOU. You pay their wages, you pay $50 – $100 for tickets to see them wail and undress on a stage. You pay for them to sit in Congress and not read the very legislation they are signing. Legislation that may destroy your lives and will limit your “freedoms” even more. Your lack of attention, allows this. Your lack of involvement continues their rampant destruction of your way of life.

    You only have yourself to blame.

    Honorable persons are placing their lives on the line to reveal the truth of your enslavement and those in power label them as terrorists because what these heroes reveal is truth that proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that the leadership of this country is filled with criminals. Highly paid criminals that you many have voted for.

    • Chaos says:

      5 War Veteran….Great Points made!!!
      The Media Circus is “Jew” Controlled and Owned.. Hollywood was built and maintained by “Jews”. The Frenzy to Invade or Attack these “Terrorists”(that are own CIA trains) in Other Countries were all started by the Zionist Media and Zionist Occupied Government. We KILL muslim children with drones because they will grow up one day and become soldiers fighting the EVIL ZIONIST HORDES of Israel. Personally, being neither Jewish or Muslim , I wish to NOT BE INVOLVED in the wars for Israel. Sadly, I have seen Poor Americans die just following orders and being used for Cannon Fodder for Israel. The media pumps up the fervor with the LIE that we (our American Military) are fighting terrorists. I do believe that Americans in general would not approve of drone strikes killing innocent people (of any race or religion) because of a “Suspected Insurgent Target” being in the general vicinity. Ironically, The IDF do what they claim the Wermacht SA and SS did back in the 1940s. The IDF get a free pass on their Genocide of Muslims from the non Muslim world. Bush , Cheney and Rumsfeld get the free pass on killing Millions of people in 2 wars. Obunghole and his Commie Cronies get a free pass on continuing Bush’s Genocide and expanding Drone Strikes Killing Civillians to more Countries. Now we are Killing women and Children with drones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and Syria. Eventually ZOG Amerika and Israel will piss off Russia and China and then we will get our ZOG ASSES KICKED on Conventional Battlefields and Waterways.
      I don’t wish that America as a country be destroyed, but our EVIL ZIONIST WAR MONGERING CORRUPT GOVERNMENT has to go. America as a country and a people has always stood for Liberty and Freedom. We have just allowed Zionists and the self Chosen people to infiltrate and Infect our Government, Banking and Media. Our once beautiful country that offered freedom is now home to some 300 Million SLAVES to the EVIL ELDERS of ZION. The direction we are going now is straight into another WAR for Israel. Zionist Amerikan involvement in Syria or Iran or North Korea will probably end up being World War III. Maybe not “the End of the World” but most likely the end of ” Life as we Know it” and VERY tough times for the survivors of the Genocide in the aftermath.

      • 5 War Veteran says:

        one of the quickest solutions is boycott and buycott. search every purchase, avoid sending them a dingle dime. Buy local American made first, buy from those sources you feel allegiance to. Buy quality products that are not a waste of money. Grow your own vegetables and learn gardening (we will need it). Become vocal in local, state and federal processes. Tell our “representatives exactly how you feel (without foul language) and let them know you are keeping score. Lindsay Graham is failing and caters to the criminal Elite.
        Remind them of the facts. Like Richard Nixon was impeached for tapping ONE phone. Now everyone is tapped. Remind them of conflict of interest laws. Tell them you are paying attention and THEY WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.
        As “representatives” they are paid by us and should represent the majority in every situation. They are not paid to represent themselves.

        • Ltpar says:

          Your ideas are like those from a person with advanced stages of alzheimer’s disease. If you are bound and determined to destroy the State of Israel, Obama and his CIA minions can just go in and do their underhanded tricks to destablize the government, like they did in Iran, Egypt, Lybia and soon too be Syria. Of course, when you look at what we got in return for tampering with the governments of other countries, things were worse and not better. For that, those who were involved need to have their pants taken down and be whipped in public. The United States needs to butt out of “Nation Building,” in foreign countries and let the people there decide what they want. Israel is one of the few friends we still have in the world, but with the direction the Obama Administation is heading, who knows how long that will last?

          • 5 War Veteran says:

            So when did you get your degree in diagnosing Alzheimer disease over the internet? I really wish I could post a picture that shows the progression of Israel from a state granted by political action into a land stealing terrorist entity hell bent on eradicating the people of Palestine from their own lands they held for over 600 years.
            So you must look here to see the facts since 1947.
            Americans would not support this and neither would they as individuals consider sending drone strikes to kill innocents in attacks that MAY kill a “suspected” terrorist.
            Would you push the button? Sign the order? Yet your supposedly elected representative does so in your name.

      • Ltpar says:

        What a bunch of crap you try and lay on people with your anti Israel attitude. How in the hell did we get from disucssing the unauthrorized release of Police photographs to your ranting about things having no bearing on the topic whatsoever. I suppose part of your big conspiracy theory is that Israel motivated the releasing of the photos, for reasons known only to you? What you and the rest of your whack jobs had better be worrying about is your fearless leader Barack Obama’s future plans for our country are? Obama is most definitely a shill for the “power elite” and in that I mean the NWO and not Israel.

        • 5 War Veteran says:

          Down boy. 22 years of military service and 140% VA rated disabled. All in the service of a political elite owned by a Zionist elite. Our government does their bidding because our leadership has been bought and paid for. Our government has sold our souls to the Zionist banking system.
          The entire concept of “terrorism” is false. Terrorism was created by the US government and used to kill off tens of thousands in the name of Israel.
          Even American troops have been sacrificed in false flag operations to start false wars.
          The USS Liberty, The USS Cole and Viet Nam were all false flags to sell weapons made by Zionist owned manufacturing corporations. Nothing quite like getting blown OUT of a hole in the side of the USS Cole when the explosion was supposed to have come from a boat on the outside.
          The Gulf of Tonkin incident Never Happened. Not a conspiracy, a fact.
          My father died in Viet Nam. So did my uncle. I caught the end of it in 1974-75.
          Imagine how happy I was to learn that the “event” that took us into Viet Nam, that killed 58 thousand American Servicemen. That my government told me was necessary to prevent Communism, a war that was abandoned and not won, was based in a lie.
          So if I get a little carried away, please excuse me I have a reason.
          I agree it did not have much to do with the topic above however the entire Boston bombing event and the fact that the media has tried convicted and sentenced the Tsarnaev brothers without due process is not only unacceptable but also anti-American and un-Constitutional.

          I will not assume your experience but I will ask, when ever have you heard of a “drill” scenario being accomplished where the members involved were carrying live explosives?

          Neither have I.

  4. Ltpar says:

    Officers heart was in the right place, but he failed to put his brain in action before acting. Chances are the terrorist case will not be damaged by release of the Police photos, but nontheless, the Officer violated his “Public Trust” responsibility. He will likely receive some minor type of disciplinary action.

  5. oli says:

    Police photos don’t even look like him. Just more media influencing jury & public. & court drawing of him has no throat injury.

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