CLICK HERE for more CONSPIRACY THEORIES! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDs0tNoNYTz2e3dax_MtldWVf_7XrX6ij FEATURED CLIPS: If Stevie …


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  1. Sometimes I think these crisis actors are just looking for attention and trying to jump in on this stuff. Or maybe they don't think the real victims play the part well or they aren't playing it up well enough so they hire an actor.

  2. Luke Miller says:

    the government is after you now. Good luck :))

  3. Scout Payne says:

    the little girl was murdered buy her brother, there was a segment on it on 60 minutes

  4. Jaime Vigil says:

    I really like your delivery and info you put out about these conspiracy theories. I like them way better then on other channels.


  6. marisa cloud says:

    Shane i love your conspiracy videos, but i feel like if you reveal too much true information…the government might stop this or bribe you

  7. That scary music scares my

  8. I love conspiracy theories. Except the JonBenet one.. her body was found in the basement of her home.

  9. HEY! Katy can actually SING

  10. LGBTeen says:

    I'm from Connecticut, practically raised in the town next to Newtown. (Southbury, for my fellow nutmeggers) And I know people who lost family in the Sandy Hook shooting. They were very much not fake..

  11. Emmie M says:

    Stevie Wonder is definitely not blind. I live a few miles from the school for the blind that Stevie went too as a young child sooo

  12. Anyone else binging all these conspiracy vids lol

  13. Maddy Smith says:

    A documentary has just come out saying that her brother killed her. Also they found her body in the basement or something.

  14. ruby Stienen says:

    i love these vids, make more

  15. Landon Le says:

    how much do u think crisis actors are paid

  16. Alysha Kelly says:

    They found jonbenet's body (correct me if I spelt her name wrong)

  17. I believe most of these are fake. The Government wants your guns taken away so you can't defend yourself. The Government tells the News what they can and can't put on Television. Who knows what's happening in the real world? The news is fake, I believe that.

  18. Samgamer says:

    when your blind all your other senses are heightened. I think he was just holding the camera at like a normal way. When he was video taping those people he held it at like neck level which is normal. Also, he knew where to point because he could hear them. so IDK ?

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