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  1. He is in to the New World Order.

  2. It's official when the Pope announces a world war. They are always front and center judging by past WW photo ops.

  3. Tamara Brown says:

    Look out. Our Redemtion draws nigh. Up up up!!! Jesus is preparing to rescue His precious flock. Repent and come to Jesus.

  4. As Keshe releases his new technologies and the real science knowledge…the bastards are going rabid!

  5. The pope is the Anti Christ….
    he will rot in hell with the rest of the pedophile POS Bastards and our SICK EVIL government! All part of their EVIL plan…
    with the exception of not getting our weapons out of our possession.
    remember don't GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS as that will finalize their New World Order agenda of control over the people then KILL billions to have a planet of 500 million ,just as the Georgia guide stones have imprinted.
    These sick Bastards want a planet without humans….but to accommodate hybrids and Artificial intelligence….they want to appease the aliens….go research the truth!
    I pray for us all as DEMONS are behind this who plan.
    I'm a child of God and have been ready….
    I hope y'all are too!

  6. ITS STARTING!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm so happy WW3 has happened in my lifetime

  8. Jesus Zapata says:

    if you guys dont want more people to die why the fuck world war 3????

  9. wow the fema camps r going to fill up

  10. Laura Maupin says:

    Ps the earth is flat

  11. I guess my prediction was right I predicted world war 3 was going to start right before 2016 started :)

  12. Bullshit isis is Arab why not just bomb the them back to hell.

  13. Iron Lung says:

    Pope eats little children

  14. _____________________He is no Pope, he is a fraud.

  15. just read the comments and……………..you lot are fucking stupid

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