POPE WW3 WARNING – Pope Francis Warns Global Atmosphere of War Could Lead to World War 3


JOIN ELITE NWO AGENDA Viewed – http://www.youtube.com/user/elitenwoagenda ? sub_confirmation = 1 POPE WARNS WORLD …


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  1. 🙂 funny that he is the one gave the order

  2. Omar Touzani says:

    This pope is an undercover zionist agent, a filthy pig and a disgrace to the entire Christian community. Jesus fought against usury and perversion while this maniac preaches slavery, pedophilia, usury, corruption,… just name it. A typical zionist bastard. He is just parroting what bastard Rothschild, Soros, and a bunch of others previously said. He is in love with fiat currency and would sell his family to the devil if that were to make the zionist bankster happy!

  3. wishfix says:

    After all these years why don't pope's learn to speak English.
    They seem have lots of spare time to learn Latin and mess around with altar boys.

  4. John S says:

    The Pope is the most dangerous man on planet earth. The Pope can never be trusted. Wake up Christians. 

  5. Must Watch: GERALD CELENTE – ELITE WW3 & GLOBAL RESET AGENDA IN FULL FORCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hojbIp0s_Kc

  6. Must Watch: BUILD UP TO WW3 – CHINA WARNS U.S. SPY PLANE OVER DISPUTED ISLANDS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nKARl12OZo

  7. the anti-christ himself

    Petrus Romanus

  8. donben91 says:

    Do As I Say – Not As I Do. Bloody Hypocrites the Lot Of Em.
    The Holy Roman Catholic Empire, with it's Army of Jesuit Masonic Knight's and The Rothschild Zionest Germanic Crypto Jew Scum are the One's that Caused the 100,000 Slaughter back in 1992 aided by The UN, whom They Run, in the first place. These Parasites Also Financed Hitler and during WW2 They Massacred almost three quarters of Euro-Asia including Russia, then blamed Hitler for it.
    These Leeches are Pure Evil, have Re-written almost all texts, Controled Every aspect of our Lives, from The Start.
    They are The Church Of Lucifer – Order Of The Black Sun, etc,etc…. Which is Why I think that People Are Worshipping The Wrong God.
    Wakey Wakey Little Lambs.

  9. Isa Vlogs says:

    Islam is the only way.. The pope is a false god 

  10. USC 07 says:

    I don't trust this pope, he seems like a Marxist.

  11. brian Mckay says:

    Latest Cosmic exploration completely nullifies earthly religions.  All  earthly creatures are the product of this planet. It follows a recognizable cycle of events throughout the universe. Life on earth is possible only through the sun.  Billions of years ago the sun was born through interaction in the cosmic system. A Super Nova heralds a death of one system and the birth of a new beginning elsewhere.  Immeasurably periods where a planet like our sun implodes dragging satellite bodies into the general destruction like a chain reaction.  Mankind like all life  (as we know it)  is the progression of single cell organisms. This was possible only through the fluid we call water,Thus far not  explained through science.  If self destruction is avoided and mans progression lasts for another hundred years we might begin to answer this puzzle. . .

  12. the problem is Washington the phantom nation as long Washington is around the world will suffer from football to mental illness from deceases as mers viruses, to wars and economical disasters, from Europe to Tokyo, from Kabul to kiev from DAMAS to tel avid. Washington is cursed and any nation that deals with it will suffer SOUTH KOREA IS HAVING A TASTE as israel shall quite soon. the saudi kingdom every human shall be a target as well isolate Washington save humanity. otherwise don't blame the consequences on god.

  13. paul treick says:

    Behold the White Horse of the first seal!

  14. #  Virgin Mary: When I waited with the apostles in the Cenacle for the descent of the Holy Spirit it took ten days of preparation.   – Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 @ 09:18
    My child the wilderness in which My children find themselves in the world today is because they do not know how to be given the Gift of the Holy Spirit.
    Just as I taught you, it takes a long time to be given the Gift.

    It consists of a very tough journey before any of God’s children can be made worthy to receive this special Gift.
    When I waited with the apostles in the Cenacle for the descent of the Holy Spirit it took ten days of preparation.
    Although these holy, devout and loyal servants of my beloved Son were promised the Gift they were not fully prepared spiritually to be given the Gift.

    I, their beloved Mother, had to help them prepare their souls.
    It meant teaching them the importance of full surrender of their free will. To become worthy they had to understand the depth of humility, to which they had to succumb, before they were ready.
    Some of them thought that they had learned everything from my Son.
    However, this was a sign of pride and when pride exists in you, you cannot receive the Holy Gift of the Holy Spirit.

    To receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit you must become little before my Son, like a small child.
    There can be no room for pride or arrogance. Yet, people today who claim to speak with authority about the way in which my Son speaks fall into a trap.
    They, when claiming to be knowledgeable about spiritual matters, speak with an arrogance which does not reflect the graces which are given to those who genuinely possess this great Gift from Heaven.

    Those who have been bestowed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit are submissive to the wishes of my Son. They are not boastful.They are not aggressive.They do not criticise another using the Name of my Son to do so.
    They do not mock others, when proclaiming their interpretation of His Holy Word. They do not preach hatred.When my Son’s disciples were prepared by me, many arguments took place. It took some time before they finally accepted what was expected of them.

    Only then, when they understood how only humility of soul can allow the Holy Spirit to enter, were they finally prepared.
    I urge all of God’s children, especially those who believe in my Son, to ask me, their Mother, to allow me to prepare them for this great Gift.
    My child, it took me a full year to prepare you and this was no easy feat. Do you remember how hard you found it to say my Holy Rosary? How hard you found it to surrender your will and to prove your humility?

    Now that you have received the Gift it does not mean that you can take it for granted.
    You must continue to pray, remain humble of heart and seek redemption every single day. For just as it is given, so too, can it be taken away.
    I ask all those following these Messages to pray for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

    It is not enough to pray just the once and say that you have received the discernment you asked for and to then cast aspersions on these Divine Messages. If you do this then you have not been given the Gift.
    Please call on me, your Blessed Mother, to help prepare you through this Crusade Prayer.

    Crusade Prayer (74) for Gift of Discernment
    O Mother of God help me to prepare my soul for the Gift of the Holy Spirit.Take me as a child, by the hand, and lead me on the roadTowards the Gift of discernment through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Open my heart and teach me to surrender in body, mind and soul.Rid me of the sin of pride and pray that I will be forgivenfor all past sins so that my soul is purified and that I am made wholeso that I can receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit.I thank you Mother of Salvation for your intercession and I awaitwith love in my heart for this Gift for which I yearn with joy. Amen.
    Remember children come to me, your Mother, to help you to open your soul to receive this wonderful Gift. When you receive this Gift I will take you before my Son.
    For only then will you be truly ready for the next step on the stairway to spiritual perfection.
    Mother of Salvation.

    @ http://web.archive.org/web/20140408181025/http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com/even-small-prayer-groups-of-divine-mercy-can-save-millions/#sthash.zqBye0rh.dpuf

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  15. fatputtycat says:

    The pope is getting too old. He doesn't understand how fucking stupid he sounds.

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