Population Control Propagandist: “We Get Very Little Opposition From The Public”

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Jurriaan Maessen

During a recent lecture the head of the elite-funded, soap opera-producing Population Media Center admitted that his organization encounters “very little opposition of the public because of the very gradual evolution of the characters”.

Population Control Propagandist “We Get Very Little Opposition From The Public”

The US-based Population Media Center, which produces soap operas worldwide with the aim of reducing populations, said that his organization hardly encounters any resistance from both governments and audiences in the nations where its melodramas are aired:

In answer to a question by an audience member if his organization experiences any opposition from the governments in the nations concerned, Ryerson stated:

“Hardly any. (…) One of the things about this strategy is: because we’re working to support the governments’ policies, they are very enthusiastic about it.”

We get very little opposition of the public because of the very gradual evolution of the characters.”, Ryerson said.

The president of the Population Media Center makes clear: the strategy employed by the Media Center in its international programs is based on an incremental introduction of “reproductive health” issues. The justification given for its infilitrations: global agreements on population such as the 1994 Cairo Conference on Population, organized as part of Agenda 21. Ryerson explains (1:05):

“When we go into a country, we explain to them we are there to help them promote their policies”. Reason he gives for this statement: because those nation are signatories to global “agreements” like the UN population summit in 1994. Also: the idea of using incrementalism as a way to not incite suspicion among the viewing audience is something already tried and tested in South-America. As Ryserson explained in a 2005 paper:

“Serial melodramas using the methodology developed by Miguel Sabido of Mexico for promoting reproductive health have been remarkable in that they have attracted no serious opposition in any country.(…). Through the gradual evolution of characters in response to problems that many in the audience also are facing, soap operas can show adoption of new, non-traditional behaviors in a way that generates no negative response from the audience.”

“No negative response”- that’s the thing, according to Ryerson. In his 2005 paper he continues to note that “because of the bonds that have been formed by this stage between audience members and characters, and because of the commonality of problems between characters and the audience, audience members tend to accept these changes, even though they may challenge some cultural traditions. Because they deal with issues that are as sensitive as sexual relationships and reproduction, it is especially important that such programs are designed not to build opposition or cause a backlash.”

In his recent speech, Ryerson stressed that his organization is “working with the Hollywood community” with the stated goal of convincing audiences in the US to stop producing children because “Americans have the highest per capita output of greenhouse gas”. NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC

“Decisions on reducing family size, in developed countries in particular, are the least expensive intervention we can make to reduce impact on the climate”.

He stresses that “if we don’t solve the population problem, we are not going to solve the climate crisis either”.

Ryerson’s Population Media Center is involved in the writing and producing of soap operas with embedded messages designed to convince people all over the world to cut the number of children. He recently bragged that its population control brainwashing campaign in developing nations has been “a smash hit.” During an interview with PeakProsperity’s Chris Martenson, Ryerson boasted that (radio) soap operas are by far the most effective way to cull populations worldwide.

“One of the things that we do – and that is the primary thing we do – is to use a strategy of communications that has turned out, from everything we have been able to measure, to be the most cost-effective strategy for changing behavior with regard to family size and contraceptive use on a per-behavior change basis of any strategy we have found on the planet.”

Ryserson explains that fictional platforms have proven to be quite successful as carriers of crypto-eugenic messages aimed at population reduction:

“(…) the use of long-running serialized dramas, melodramas like soap operas, in which characters gradually evolve from the middle of the road in that society into positive role models for daughter education, delaying marriage and childbearing until adulthood, spacing of children, limiting of family size, and various other health and social goals of each country.

And we have now done such programs in forty-five countries.”

“That”, Ryerson explained, “is the kind of thing that can dramatically change demographic trends globally. We need to greatly expand this type of work.”

In the speech, Ryerson pledged his allegiance to the father of modern-day crypto-eugenics: Paul Ehrlich- who, by the way, called for sterilants in the water to depopulate the United States. To illustrate how Ryerson views coercive methods of birth control, the following example gives you some idea. In his lecture Ryerson (34.00) said he had been in India in 1975, when Indira Gandhi imposed involuntary sterilization campaigns. Ruerson goes on to decry that the family planning efforts by the “international community” collapsed as a result of her programs.

“It was a total mess”, Ryerson said. ” She was very concerned about India’s population problem but she didn’t try the right strategy.”

No moral indignation from Ryerson about Gandhi’s mandatory sterilization campaigns- just poor strategy.

Ryerson continues by stating that emotion outplays the intellect when it comes to the population reduction propaganda effort (36:30):

“What psychologists tell us is that emotional involvement enhances memory. So if you’re highly involved emotionally, in an emotionally-based melodrama, and you learn lessons from it, you’ll remember those for the rest of your life.”

To illustrate that Ryerson’s arrogance knows no bounds, here’s a clip from an interview two days ago, where he told San Diego local television that the soap-operas they produce “make better mothers”.

Ryerson told San Diego’s KPBS that the soap operas produced by his Population Media Center promote gender-equality as a means of lowering birth rates worldwide. He added that their soaps, which include messages to women about the advantages of limiting their households to one or two children, also “make better mothers”.

As I pointed out in an earlier article, Ryerson’s Media Center is heavily sponsored by the corporate and “philanthropic” elites. On its slick-looking website, the Center states “contributions from and partnerships with the following organizations have enabled us to do work which initiates improved health in people all around the world, while providing engaging entertainment!”. Their list counts many UN affiliates among its “contributors”, as well as USAID divisions operating in so-called “high-fertility nations”:

“The Population Institute, Population Matters, PSI, RAES, Rare, Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, Save the Children Norway/ Ethiopia, Save the Children US, Texas A&M University, Tree Aid, UCLA School of Public Health, UNDP Burkina Faso, UNDP Headquarters, UNDP Kyrgyzstan, UNDP Papua New Guinea, UNDP Swaziland, UNDP Sierra Leone, UNFPA Burkina Faso, UNFPA Ethiopia, UNFPA Headquarters, UNFPA Jamaica, UNFPA Kyrgyzstan, UNFPA Malawi, UNFPA Nigeria, UNFPA Papua New Guinea, UNFPA Philippines, UNFPA Rwanda, UNFPA Senegal, UNFPA Sierra Leone, UNFPA Vietnam, UNICEF Ethiopia, UNICEF Headquarters, UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, UNICEF Sierra Leone, The Unitarian Society, University Research Co. LLC, UN Women, USAID Jamaica, USAID Kyrgyzstan, USAID Mali, USAID Niger, USAID Rwanda, USAID Senegal, US Embassy/Department of State, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.”

In addition, the Center receives funding from literally all the major foundations including the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund, The David Rockefeller Fund, Ford Foundation, and the IMF Employees’ Fund.

When we take a look at the Center’s program advisory board we encounter some familiar names, including Paul and Anne Ehrlich, as well as World Bank luminary Herman Daly (who recently called for smaller, less “resource-intensive” people top bred into existence). Interestingly, some names from Hollywood pop up, advising the population center on how to best convince audiences worldwide to cull themselves. Among the names mentioned we find director Jeremy Kagan, renound because of his many film and television projects.

By stating that his organization encounters “very little opposition” from governments and audiences worldwide, not to mention that his soap operas “make better mothers”, Ryerson is out in the open about a conscious effort to use the fictional format in order to reduce the world’s population.

This article first appeared at Explosive Reports.

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