Is the ppsh sub machine gun from world at war coming to black ops 3 multiplayer? World at war free for all gameplay, 30-3 on “Makin” F#CK WIT ME!


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  1. I seen Black ops 3 and Free in the same sentence and bout shit myself!

  2. Guarantee its gonna be a vesper reskin

  3. mrnyceguy74 says:

    Yea I remember that gun good old days bro I think they will only have it for Zombies in bo3 atleast for the first month or so then they'll put it in supply drops for everyone. But those days of giving us free weapons I think is over.

  4. vdrivno says:

    played dat bitch with a round drum.. man i miss the game period!! all the gore and shit was real.. captured war beautifully, unlike games now.. #MURDERGANG

  5. SFZombie415 says:

    PPSH in zombies is NOT a waste. Do you know how long we've been waiting for this gun to return to zombies…7 years!!! I hope it's exclusive to zombies because multiplayer gets all the love.

  6. Back when cod was awesome

  7. Mrx1Hook1x says:

    Hey man I hear infiniti warfare has to be unlock by supply drops

  8. I played cod4 and up

  9. Baggy hoodie says:

    Fuck that zombies shit put the ppsh in multiplayer

  10. tim b says:

    I played cod 4 but never waw, don't know why I played mw2 also

  11. tim b says:

    I miss killstreak kills counting towards steaks

  12. Illuminati says:

    Nigga you know what they all about, they gonna put the shit in supply drops and you got to be lucky to get it

  13. Lukas WithaK says:

    I hope they add the stoner-63

  14. Rick Crane says:

    thanks 4 grinding murdershow

  15. They will bring it to bo3 multiplayer soon in bullshit supply drops

  16. I hope PPSH comes to multiplayer. One of my favorite guns to use.

  17. bro you play zombies? #murdergang

  18. Rollin' Up says:

    WaW is still my favorite call of duty man . That shit is so OG

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