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funny joke and jokes on cops..Pranks on Cops – World War 3 Prank – jokes on People – funny jokes – Best Jokes 2014 ➨ ENTER THE GIVEAWAY …


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  1. I want that tape lol

  2. x Jokerz says:

    LOL @ 400 Nuclear missiles launched 

  3. bendacko2003 says:

    It's well-executed. It just isn't a funny joke.

  4. Anonymuskid says:

    imagine some hillbillie camping in a forrest after that :D

  5. SG Producer says:

    This is not his video

  6. I could imagine some of the responses "them damn french again, got us in ww1 and now they back to take over america"

  7. I would as heck. Im scared of those beeping alert warning things… They haunt me. Even if there like test. Mommy.

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