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  1. Layla Dodge says:

    Valerie… Praise God!! he is revealing so much to you, through you and to us, who although far from you… we are right beside you my sister… Jesus is coming and he his bringing his Kingdom with him?praise God…. may we be counted worthy … as so many perish that did not Love the truth.. the holy spirit mourns from within us, through us and with us… as we share the one Mind and body of Christ our Lord …we see Valerie.. and this truth becomes the longsuffering of the servants and saints of God… and we yern to bring as many to Salvation as our Lord and King allows… your journey is Beautiful to see and I thank you for your amazing and great sacrafice as you lay down your life as you know it ,and surrender it over into the hands of Jesus our God and King… how proud of you we are… as I pray with you this message reaches ?millions… Jesus is calling all his children into obedience that we return to our first love .. and others come to him for their first time… he is calling us all to draw near and stay at his feet in prayer and praise as we await our blessed Hope Titus 2:13? and continue to reach and guide as many to Salvation with the guidance and gift of the Holy Spirit… Oh how Holy you are Lord, how much I love You and as I lift your name on High and praise you my Lord God and King I thank you for Ms. Valerie and thank you for her desire to serve and love you fully.. Jesus I pray she is freed of all bondage ? and her chains be broken as you wash her in your Holy blood… pour your spirit upon her Jesus that nolonger does she fear what the world fears, think how the world thinks… but she gives her life and TRUST Fully over Lord ,Fully over to you.. learning that Trusting fully in you Lord is the key to the gates of thy Kingdom.. trust ,a full surrender of trust thus building unwaivering Faith..I pray that she hates what you hate and loves what you love .. release her Lord of the worldly ties that hold her back?… that nolonger does she worry of a long work week but instead brings you to the job with her, that your work and will continue to be done.. God bless you Valerie… I love you sister… the king is coming?may his Will be done on?as it is in☝Heaven…. Amen, Amen… love those children ,teach them in patience… for such are those as the Kingdom of Heaven… Love …this is the command above all commands for without it no other is possible….Love …. God speed my sister… and goodnight

  2. Raven Lei says:

    also, my things crash for a reason , you need to know that this video wouldn't have happened the way it has, if your comp didn't mess up some. And it has been so good to watch and hear & understand. Even in your frustration thankyou for doing this, and thank you God for this prayer session, may you be blessed in doing what you need to do in his Will, and make end-meet without having to work. Bless anybody who watches these videos father, everyone who is on the prayer list, bless these people, bless me too Father, I need it. I need calm, and strength..and I need my body to feel better if it is Your Will. Bless those who are in need of your word around the entire earth Father, Thankyou for always being here, even when I don't feel it, I know you are here. Please bless others with the knowledge and love you give and let them open their eyes and listen and love you Father and Love Chirst Jesus all so deeply. Let the holy Spirit minister to us all. Thank you <3 In Jesus name, Amen

  3. Sister, we are all feeling like you. the foreboding, knowing it's coming, soon, but not exactly when or how. Put on your armor everyday, and plead the blood of Yeshua over yourself and your house every night before bed. I will pray with you!!!!

  4. probably in 2 years other prophets say so … but who knows … only God knows

  5. If satan has to take time out of his busy schedule to attack you……your doing something right! He started with mocking demons on the chat during your live feed and scoffers on the comments, then your computer. This is spiritual warfare and God doesn't send his soldiers into battle without equipping them. You already know about your armor, and, that God has set his angels around you. You have authority over the enemy through Christ. Besides all that, you have intercessors praying over you as well. ?

  6. Hi ya, I've been getting the sense of urgency too. Also the burden for the lost (oh what great suffering) Be holy because i am holy. 1 peter 1:16 This is no joke people, grace is NOT a license to SIN. Repent! Our god is a loving god yes but what people don't like to hear is that he is a righteous and just god aswell. I personally have the impression in my spirit that a major "game changing" calamity is on its way. But our lord jesus told us not to be alarmed when we hear or wars and rumours of wars for the end is still yet to come Matthew 24:16 Keep watch and pray Luke 21:36 Perfect love casts out all fear. 1John 4:18
    And one to really remember especially if you are fearful is 2 Timothy 1:7 For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.
    So tell those lying demons to get out in the name of jesus christ.
    Thank you for sharing, bless you. And for those going around with a judgemental tone please be careful for it is written. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. Matthew 7:2
    Instead let us love one another as god loves us and build one another up in faith. Let us be a great representation on earth for our lord jesus so others in the darkness will see the light.

  7. Rilox says:

    I'd much rather pray for people using the chat of this channel. Sorta like type in your prayer request and then anyone who feels led can pray. Just an idea.

    Matt 6:6
    But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your
    Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in
    secret, will reward you.

    We don't have to show who is praying for who necessarily.

    Matt 5:16
    "You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

    The power of our Lord Jesus shines in the darkness, and the darkness will never put it out.

    P.S Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and the rest will be added unto you. I URGE you to go to Jonathan Kleck's channel.
    It's all pretty much there, and he's doing a series/ crash course at the moment. He talks about what it means to have the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and what it means to be turned upside down. What it is to be on the rock.

  8. DANY GILBERT says:

    God bless you Valerie?Times are hard yes but we're getting through and going to win this Battle cause Jesus-Christ with his archangels rules us..Thank you Jesus??

  9. Jack Nadeau says:

    Hi Valerie, what your talking about, I think it goes exacly with what I shared with you, I seen more evidence this morning. Yes the war is coming but It's just to distrack us. We can not save everyone and I don't think God will save everyone. The demons have something special for them. Even the timing of your feeling 7 years ago about God It all fits in. Peace and Love Jack

  10. RR says:
    sister ignore the attacks on your ministry and pray for those doing it. keep your faith and your discernment, take everything to the Lord and stay righteous. LET NO MAN STEAL YOUR CROWN.

  11. Thank you sister for sharing. I understand your frustration that most Christians are still asleep. I recently asked God to show me in the bible what was going to happen to America . He directed me to Ezekiel 28: 1-19. We need to keep praying because judgment is coming.

  12. what does God say about the…tis the season to be Jolly mixed with Yeshuas Hamashiaks birth?

  13. what is your email…i want to pray with you…i need help in praying i feel like you feel

  14. i need help in forgiving i know i have bitterness anger and even hate…how do i get in ur prayer group…

  15. This Dream is frightening to me. about 3. or 4 years ago I had a dream that it was Christmas, ( Days before days after), I'm not sure, but it was the holidays, everything was in ruins, Christmas decorations everywhere, I saw broken Xmas trees, broken glass ornament, debris everywhere, buildings destroyed, I saw people crying, wandering about. I wasn't sure what it meant then But now I fully understand! Thank-you sister so much for your video's and your love, God bless!

  16. My biggest support for your messages and prayers! Wonderful in spite of the seriousness!

  17. Danny Riley says:

    You are witnessing right now and doing a great job. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!! Col. 3:17 And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.

  18. you can't look back.

  19. Don Graeber says:

    The Word of God tells it all. Wars and Rumors of war are certain. Matthew 24:6. In Jeremiah you read how Jerusalem was burned to the ground and nothing lived there. No animals, no people… Ezekiel 14 describes the terrible judgment of God on a nation that is persistently unfaithful to God. The only thing holding this back is God. He is long-suffering, not willing that anyone perish but that all come to repentance. However when the time to judge a nation or nations comes, and the proverbial shoe drops, nothing can stop it. We need to be like the Apostle Paul who wrote by inspiration of the Holy Spirit: I have learned to enjoy the good life when God gives it, and I have learned to have nothing, when God gives it. I have learned to enjoy good meals, and I have learned to enjoy no meals. I can do all things through Jesus Christ our Lord who strengthens me. Casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you. It can get that bad here, so each day I wake up I give God thanks for it. I certainly do not find following scary dreams helpful at all. They don't foster trust in the Lord, but fear. The Lord needs to by our Shelter no matter how severe the storm is. However when war comes what does Jesus say will come along with it? Yes, persecution. Matt 24 is an amplified version of 2 Thes. 2. The falling away and the anti-christ will come before Christ gathers His sheep. It is going to get really bad, but this world is not our home. Our trust in the Lord must be rock solid, because when it comes, it will come suddenly. God has everything in control. He truly does. So let us calm down the panic and get in His Word and let that Word transform us into trusting loving children of God. God will do all things for the good of His children and for His glory, even judgment. But even in Judgment there is mercy. Our times are in God's hands. God will move when God moves. So let's just trust Him.

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