Prediction of Iran War or World War 3 starting.



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  1. ancoloco says:

    Thank you for this advice. I already started with the rice, beans and combat boots. I'm goint to start investing in first aid and medical kits soon (good quality ones). Getting a gun permit here in Holland is quite a challenge though,you have to be a member of a gun-club inorder to get a permit and that itself is not easy.

  2. Complete dumbass!!!!! Wait till his welfare worker gets a hold of this. First he states to default on any form of responsibility the general public may have because nothing will matter. Oh and buy guys to pretext it. Idiot from the word go! WW3 won't be conventional. Millions will dye and even those that live will only suffer a long drawn out death hiding in their holes. Sicko. Stop trying to be Alex Jones and get some facts on economics and world affairs.Enough said-Get a job!

  3. dr Meno says:

    @ancoloco Thank you for your reply.I need to visit Holland and to a pub there. You guys will probably be less affected from the USA demise. I am related to a WW2 RDI officer called The Flying Dutchman. Lets change the world one mind at a time.

  4. dr Meno says:

    @wellingtonontario I am asking you to default on corruption and false paper credit. Stick it to the banks as they had done to us for years. Watch Zeitgeist movies again. I have been talking like this for decades. Alex is trying to be like me. I don't need to present evidence and research. Alex and thousands others has already done that. I have worked for 35 years for 10-14 hrs a day in the states. AND for what? To support the corporate elite and corruption. I am in paradise watching the fall

  5. dr Meno says:

    @beartocouch Lets wait and see what happens. Maybe there is a significance. At first I was figuring that the NFL was going to put the two Harbaugh brothers in the Super Bowl. That would of drawn a larger viewing audience. Now we have New York winning the Super Bowl. Can;t believe how many dropped passes at the end of the game dropped by the Patriots. So now we have Wall Street Bankers,(the Giants), beating the Patriots,(US), Now you can take that as United States or as us, the citizens.

  6. hammer bob says:

    this country has been at this for 200+ years but once humans have the internet, some monkeys can't handle it.

  7. mr1962me says:

    I think you are right but 2012 was not the year 2013 is the year. The USS Enterprise came home to de decomissioned.

  8. dr Meno says:

    I knew it was set for decommission, but it took a last cruise to the Gulf. Last year was the Cony 2012 campaign, and that was our usa's opportunity to go secretly into Africa. A start of WW3. Wars are done secretly now. Not an big ad campaign. YES always something happens between super bowl and spring openers. Yes the big bang will happen this year. WW#is the onset of all of the civil wars and protesting going on around the world. This year it will come to the usa. Thanks for responding.

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