Prepare For World War 3!


Is it the end of the world??? Trolling the wife, haircuts, trump and Clinton…Not a bad mix right? BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! Social Media: ▻ Twitch …


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  1. Mc 420 says:

    i bought a kawasaki Vulcan 500 last year as a starter it's a fun little bike most people think it's slow but ot does zero to sixty in roughly 6 seconds

  2. Guapo says:

    Just a heads up instagram link in description isn't complete

  3. Congrats brother!!! Did you take off the decal graphics on your bike???

  4. David Laber says:

    It's getting to be horrid traffic in Longmont as well

  5. I found my first Motovlogger from Colorado! I was born and raised there, moved to Texas for college and all this time I been looking for a Motovlogger in Colorado! You have my sub!

  6. what state is that

  7. Shadow GSX-R says:

    6foot sent me over wuth ya video link but its the 3 videos of yours i watched next that got me to sub … you awesome mate can't wait for the next video

  8. you are so right about go somewhere else that pot is legal I am glad to find a moto vloger in a state I know keep up the videos

  9. funny that video is how I found you had nothing to do with 6foot and to add to my last comment spent the day 4wheeling above Central city shooting Wheeling great day people need to stop moving here lol

  10. whats wrong with trump

  11. that view thooooooo!

  12. theproman100 says:

    2-5 weeks ago u was only like 75 subs and now 3.2k WTF

  13. Joey Kurz says:

    Why do you only have 3.2k subs?

  14. Jonas Lange says:

    I discovered you channel after 6foot uploaded a video of yours and I do have to say that I love your content. Your live commentary is on a pretty high standard.It is extremely entertaining, at least for me. Keep up the good work!
    Greetings from germany

  15. Its Droid says:

    Your son is wearing a FaZe clan hoodie… Fuck yeah #FaZeUp

  16. Erick Campos says:

    What camera are you using?

  17. ForTodatAlex says:

    You Just got yourself a new subscriber 🙂 loving the content keep motovlogin.

  18. Maria Clark says:

    Just started watching your vlogs like 20 minutes ago and I had to subscribe keep it up dude your amazing

  19. vpRider says:

    Wassup guys and gals! New episode is up! Scope it out <3

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