Prepping Won’t Work, Period.


If you aren’t worried, you haven’t been paying attention.

By Joshua Daniels

Almost everyone knows that civilization is falling apart.  Most people know that it can’t be stopped.  A lot of people are making various preparations, and almost all of them will fail.  The really sad part is, when pressed on the question of likely failure, they admit it.

They don’t press the question, even to themselves, for one simple reason: they have no answer.  So they prep, and hope it’s enough.

 Prepping will only work in one scenario: the manipulators and parasites manage to destroy civilization to the point that you can count on being left alone for several generations.  The more energetic Preppers are planning two strategies: Hunker Down, and Hope, with stocks of food, tools, seeds, and weapons, sometimes in a Hobbit Hole they’ve prepared somewhere.

Those strategies have a fatal flaw.  “Fatal” means a flaw that will get you killed.

The fatal flaw in the Hunker Strategy is that it assumes that one might escape notice by the Forces of Evil long-term.

The fatal flaw in the Hope Strategy is that Hope is not a strategy.

Here’s how one who places their Hope in the Hunker will end up.

  • If you prep, and anyone with the backing of even a small industrial society shows up to take your food, tools, livestock, and women before you are able to manufacture weapons and replace battle losses, you gathered all those resources for them, not you.
  • If you prep, and society merely gets bad, in ALL of the expectable scenarios, your location will quickly become untenable unless you join a gang with enough people to manufacture weapons and replace casualties.  That gang will insist that you “contribute” your stores, and you will have gathered all those resources for them, not you.
  • If you prep, and form your own gang, you will soon be killed in the inevitable power struggles gangs create, and you will have gathered all those resources for the winner, not you.
  • If you prep, and nothing happens, you’ll eventually get rid of most of your stock at pennies on the dollar, just like the survivalists in the eighties did in the early nineties, and you will have gathered all those resources for the buyer, not you.

The most likely scenario right now is that the Forces of Evil will put whatever plan in place to deal with the masses, and then use satellites to find the Hunkerers.  One at a time, those Hunkering in the countryside will be SWATted, sometimes to death, sometimes into slavery.  NO Hunker Bunker or Hobbit Hole will be ignored, and they’ll be dealt with one at a time, often with a helicopter-fired missile.  They won’t miss, and you won’t rebuild.

Before they hit you with a missile or a SWAT team, they may have a little fun with you first.  Remember, these people are laughingly cruel: watching you suffer and be frustrated is their idea of a good time.  What they’ll do is wait for you to get your garden planted and close to harvest, when your stocks of stored food are low, and then send a helicopter over with a few hundred pounds of Round Up.

They’ll laugh while you cry and starve.  They’ll even think they’ve done something good by making you suffer.  Their Evil Overlords will tell them you’re a Domestic Terrorist or some such, and they’ll believe it.  Any lie that gives them an excuse to hurt people, they like.

You see, they want all natural seeds to be destroyed, so that no one can grow food that doesn’t pay them for the privilege.  By buying that non-hybrid seed and planting it outside your Hobbit Hole where a satellite could see it (you have no choice; plants need sky exposure), you gathered them up so the Enemy could destroy them all in one place, then told the Enemy where they were, and while you were at it, told them where you Hunkered.  So, they’ll send over their helicopter loaded with Round Up to wipe out the garden, and put your location on a list, for the Orcs to follow up.

They won’t come immediately, though; they like the idea of you going without food for a while.  Serves you right for not being a good little Socialist, or whatever they’ll end up calling themselves.  They’ll keep an eye on you, and wait until they’re pretty sure you’ve run out of food, but not gotten desperate enough to go on the move searching for more.  They like knowing where you are.  Stationary targets are fun to mess with before you put the survivors in shackles.

Once you’re good and hungry, they may lay siege to your Hobbit Hole.  They won’t do that because they’ll be somehow unable to just bust in and take you, they’ll do it because messing with you is fun for emotionally stunted people like that.  Having caged up the rest of the survivors in the cities, the Orcs will need something to do, and tormenting you is just the ticket.

They’ll keep you inside, and occasionally wound or kill someone in your compound, just to crank up the Suffer-o-meter in your life.  Remember, they enjoy hurting people.  Just look at their record if you don’t believe me.

When they get bored with playing with you, they’ll either charge in and shoot the place up, or just lob in sleep gas and you’ll wake up in a camp.  It’s been done.

That’s what happens to Hobbit Holes, formally known as Stationary Targets.  Even if your enemy isn’t some government outfit, the gangs have already published their plans to do exactly what I’ve described here, only with less technology and a shorter time frame.  Either way, you’re a stationary target, who cannot manufacture weapons or replace casualties, facing an enemy who can choose the time and place of his attack, can manufacture or obtain weapons, and can replace casualties.

That strategy is bust before you implement it.  Don’t bother.

The really silly part of that scenario is that you will have put yourself there by not thinking the problem through.  Please don’t do that; happy Orcs are an ugly thing to see.

You could pour your remaining time and money into Hunker and Hope, and endure the inevitable for as long as you can stand it, or you could do something that would actually be good for you and your loved ones.

The choice is yours.  Choose life, and you can keep making choices.  Choose a Hobbit Hole, and your available choices will narrow until you have none.

Here’s what you could do that would actually be good for you and your family:

Build a 100% energy-independent self-sufficient self-propelled movable home capable of mounting real weapons.  Helpful hint: rifles and pistols don’t count as real weapons anymore.

How might you do that, exactly?

Join the Ericsson Council, and do it along with thousands of others.  After ten years of preparation, we just went public, and are helping people escape the horrors to come.

And, we’re only accepting 4,000 Members.  Don’t wait; the life you save will be your own.

After you lay off and wait for civilization to finish burning, you’ll be in position to shape the next civilization along the lines you like.  Stay here and try that and you’ll be committing elaborate suicide.

Don’t Join the Collapse.

Join the Council, and Take Control Of Your Life.

Permission to copy and distribute without modification, including author attribution and website, is hereby granted. If you aren’t worried, you haven’t been paying attention.

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  1. I’m quite amazed at the complete absence of real information from which the negative posts here were written.

    How, exactly, is providing a means of prepping which everyone can reach, deterring them from prepping?

    How, exactly, does putting a stake in an escrow account held by an escrow company, to be released only to the people who put the money in in the first place, mean we’re making money?

    How, exactly, does putting people on nearly the same footing as their enemies, in the one arena in which those enemies are weakest, equal preaching sheep mentality?

    If a serious objection had been raised here, I or one of our Members would answer it.

    None has.

    All the best. Wear dark colors and stay low.

    • Tim says:

      Not that I am going to repeat myself more than to this instance on this subject with you, Mr. Daniels:

      “If one reads anything in this, it should be that you too will be hunted…” I stand on my original reply to this so called article. It really is no more than that of a huge self-serving plug if ever there was one.

      You DARE to say that YOU and www(dot)EricssonCouncil(dot)org have the ONLY viable solution to prepare and survive.

      What you say IS evil! You ARE telling people that ” Prepping Won’t Work, Period.” but then you tell them to prepare because it will work, but only through you, and your way.

      How extremely ARROGANT you are, Mr. Daniels!

      Only a hypocrite would make such claims as you have. Are you one?

      “People will survive in many ways and NOT in any one way.” This IS a fact! History it’s-self has proven this many times over and as in World War II as a single most example.

      Also, from what I see of other peoples replies and not just my own; you must have had your little feelings hurt by the truth. I personally don’t see you ever admitting you are… excuse me, you made a huge mistake here.

      And guess what? Some people are so very fickle that sometimes the very things they write are even fickle; like some articles I have read. I guess it’s alright if a person believes the title of an article and then does the total opposite with a certain other and a certain website they plug. Right?

      I will be praying for you from the depths of my heart. May God have mercy on you and your self-serving attitude and ignorance.

      God bless you, and good day.

  2. We disagree here….

    Prepping we feel can be a therapeutic way of coping with the Collapse thats coming…it helps ease the mind of the horrors that await us all…

  3. Richie says:

    What the hell is wrong with you???? Nevermind, don’t answer that. I’d rather have you go down with the ship. We need less people like you out there spreading their sheep disease.

  4. DC says:

    This article is right! The best way to prep is to stay off the grid. What they don’t know they can’t take.

  5. CountryGurl says:

    Written just like a life-insurance salesman in the German-Jewish Ghettos of 1933. You should be proud to carry on such a fine tradition.

  6. bill says:

    your an idiot. I was going to write more…. but it has been covered by others

  7. US Marines says:

    This is an idotic article.

    I hope who ever wrote does NOT prep, as he will be duly rewarded for his moronic views.

    JD – US Marines – Smart people prep.

  8. Link says:

    no prep = early death, simple as that nothing more to say.

  9. alleyes says:

    I don’t approve of negating all others in your sphere of competition, in order to make money …but i do agree that prepping won’t work…for the long term. Unless you have the resources of a world leadership behind you now. People forget that along with most other things, the environment will probably take a big hit. If you have prepped enough for years even, eventually, you will need to look to the earth for provisions. It takes decades and decades to even begin to recover from the damages that will be inflicted on the planet, the planet will not sustain life as we know it….for a very long time.So you will prep, live for 5 years, then die of starvation, radiation, etc….woohoo! SO glad I prepped for this, must better to live longer and witness all the devastation than to ….? NO WIN- WE ALL LOSE-Eventually.

  10. Barbara says:

    This article could discourage someone from beginning preparations to stay or flee. This is not appropriate.

  11. Barbara says:

    @Joshua Daniels~ Don’t discourage people from trying to prepare in the only way that we have available to us. This is an outrageously ill-timed and misplaced article. We preppers have plans, you commie pig. What do you have?

  12. Tim says:

    Yes, you are most accurate in what you you see, but only to a point. If one reads anything in this, it should be that you too will be hunted and most likely not given even a slight chance. Instead, you will most likely be destroyed quickly without even a modest chance to escape or even to be captured alive that you may continue in your dismal life.

    People need to put God in their lives and really mean it. I see your kind of stuff written all over the internet and hear a lot of the same talk from even a few people I can even talk to about what is coming. There is not just a singular way people can and will survive, but I think your article tries to imply this.



    Don’t take peoples hope away from them! People do what they can in situations like this. To suggest that your way of survival is better and to also suggest that other peoples hopes and efforts are less advantages is pure evil at the core. People will survive in many ways and NOT in any one way.

    In a kind word, let me say this:

    Ah, what the heck. Is there a kind word that you would accept.

    What you say here is exactly what those who wish to kill people would say so people would be caught with their proverbial pants down to their ankles.

    I say to all who will read and understand:

    Prepare the best you can with those you love and trust. Trust in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and use your available resources as you deem necessary and proper.

    It truly will be very difficult in the time ahead, but with prayer, preparation, and faith, we will make it. This is my prayer.

    God bless all of you, and good day.

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