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If we want to be prepared for 2012, what are the things that need to be done, so that we will be better prepared for this likely crazy year?

Apart from the Mayan ‘end-of-the-age’ predictions, many people feel in their gut that we are heading towards more turmoil and hard times during 2012.

The economic conditions, worldwide, have become much worse than they were prior to the 2008 crash. This time, not only is much of the private sector ‘broke’, in debt, and under water, but NATIONS are broke, in debt and under water! Since 2008, the underlying fundamental problems have not changed… in fact they have become much worse. Things have been ‘papered over’ by the powers-that-be, the can has been kicked down the road, and people are instinctively becoming aware that the game is nearly over.

During 2011, massive global unrest has occurred, and is still ongoing now. Government regimes have been overthrown. Revolting civilians have been shot down by their governments. People have been demonstrating in the streets, both violently and peacefully. People have been waking up to the truths of the deceit that has been upon them by their governments and the system they’ve become beholden to. People are angry. As more and more of the middle class descend into oblivion, the unrest will only get worse, and could get much worse during 2012.

As governments are forced to either cut back or print more money, either way, it’s a stimulant for disaster. Cutbacks will bring out the dependent class who will not go down without a fight. Printing more money and kicking the can down the road will lead to more devaluing of the paper currencies (which is a definition of inflation) as the prices of goods continue higher, much higher than your paycheck (which may actually be going down or stagnant).

2012 is an election year in the U.S., and the government will likely NOT cut back their spending. It’s likely that we will see more currency devaluation instead.

When things get bad enough, governments will look to WAR to ‘fix’ things. Many people believe that the world (or parts thereof) is currently a tinder box for WWIII, and that 2012 could very well bring it on, or the beginnings thereof.

Some believe that we may see a ‘false flag’ event, purposed to bring on war. There could be an event or events that are categorized as terrorism, used by governments to further clamp down on its populace.

During the end of 2011, the U.S. government passed a number of laws which drastically tore apart American citizen’s liberty and freedoms. The U.S. Constitution is all but a relic, a historical time capsule, something to snicker at by the current politicians who seek to control our lives. 2012 may bring on more infringements of our freedoms, our communications, and our freedom of movement. Most of this is being done in the name of seeking out ‘terrorists’, a term that the Department of Homeland Security has yet to define and communicate to the American public. However they do say, ‘If you see something, say something’, although they have not defined what ‘something’ is yet…

Okay, so, what preps should we acquire to be prepared for the wrath of 2012?

A good starting point (or ongoing action) would be to stock up in the categories of nourishment, security, environmental needs, and consumable supplies (for starters).

Nourishment, or in other words, food and water, is of course the most basic ‘staple’ prep for all survivalist types. You absolutely should have at least a one month supply of foods in your house or apartment. To be honest, I’m not comfortable at all with even a one month supply – I would set a personal minimum goal of 3 months while you work your way up to one year.

Security is for your personal protection, for your families protection, and for the protection of your home and supplies. This could start with doing your part to minimize the temptation for thieves (motion lights, window locks, door deadbolts, steel doors, alarm system, keeping a low external profile). You should learn about ‘situational awareness‘ and practice it in your daily life. You should consider your personal security and methods thereof.

Environmental needs in this context are those that have to do with your home, the place where you live. Consider other solutions for staying warm during winter months if there were no power. Could you cook or boil water without power? Is your home adequately resistant to disaster? Should you make those repairs now, prior to any unforeseen issues? What about your vehicle – is it ready for a bug-out or evacuation should it become necessary? Do you know where you would go?

Consumable supplies are easy preps to acquire more of, just like stocking up on food. Extra cases of TP, paper towels, trash bags, and personal hygiene products should be available for the same amount of time as you have food storage. Beyond consumable supplies are those like tools, spare parts, hardware, anything that can be used to help sustain your dwelling and your way of life.

The summary is that 2012 may be a rough ride, and the sooner you become prepared, the less pain you may suffer. None of us know for sure how bad things may become, but for those who have thought about it and have prepared, you will sleep much better at night. The process of becoming prepared is just that, a process. There are nearly infinite opinions regarding how-to, or what to do. However if you simply begin to think about it, you will formulate your own plan, one that fits you and who you are. So, why not get started…


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  1. John January 5, 2012 at 12:10 am - Reply

    We live in strange and dangerous times. While I encourage everyone to prepare and stock up as you suggest, be aware and practice discretion. Don’t tell everybody what you’re doing. Remember also that Uncle Sam has told gun shops and other businesses to be on the lookout for those who buy “night vision flashlights” and other preps, especially in large quantities.

  2. MountainHome January 4, 2012 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    I am going to order a 500 gal. water tank and put it in my backyard. At least I’ll have water for a few weeks. Great article because it doesn’t have to be just 2012 that we prepare for.

  3. GJS January 4, 2012 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    Alas, gone are the days of doing the right thing for the country & ALL it’s people whether that be good in the short term or not if it ensured the longer good, compared to what we’ve had for the past several decades, decisions made & groups pandered to in the hope of re-election.
    When things actually reach breaking point which is all but here now people who have illogically & stupidly just kept supporting & voting for the one political party like it was a film star or sports team or something else might just begin to see how reckless that thinking is, the trouble is then it will be too late.
    I honestly thought people would have at least begun to realise the lies & deceit they’d been fed by both major parties in the lead up to the 2008 disaster but to still be oblivious to it now belies all logical thought & indeed sanity, I was certainly wrong in thinking people would change.
    Now we’ll all have to suffer together unless you are one of very few chosen ones.

  4. Vivek January 4, 2012 at 1:41 pm - Reply

    When it all begins to unravel, it will ALL unravel. The only thing we will “have” is our self.
    time to get to know it better, hmmmm?


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