President Trump Accuses Senators McCain And Graham Of “ALWAYS LOOKING TO START WORLD WAR 3!”


January 30, 2017 MSM News

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24 Responses

  1. Thalarctos 1 says:

    McCain and Graham are lame ducks; everyone who voted for Trump can see who these guys are. They are bought and paid for by Americas enemy the NWO via Soros. The rhetoric is with respect to these two is a waste of our time, and the NWO's money.

  2. Ayn Austen says:

    McCain and Graham both ran for President and lost big time, and they're both as jealous and humiliated as two men could possibly be.   Jealousy is all that is motivating them.

  3. Hoang Nguyen says:

    These 2 scums can eat shit and go to hell!

  4. imagrandpa says:

    Georgie boy loves to cherry pick!
    You are no where a news person.
    Are YOU still pissed that clinton didn't win?
    You are a suckegg!

  5. Rick Kost says:

    John Mc PAIN!!

  6. Angel Ortiz says:

    They wanna fuck with russia like russia is iraq come on

  7. Stefanapolous is a shill for the clintons.
    McCain is an old sociopath who should have died in the hanoi hilton, which was the best thing to happen to him.
    Graham is a closet fag who secretly wants Putin to fuck him up the ass.
    But Putin is a straight man.

  8. david castro says:

    Trump supporters are a bunch of idiots!!!!

  9. Pete Smith says:

    Songbird Mc Cain,trying to sell out our country.

  10. Rogelio Maza says:

    Senator McCain & Graham are Democratic inside Republican Party.

  11. Don't worry about graham Mr . President . All of us in SC has your back and we will make sure his political career is over.

  12. Michelediaf says:

    They are very hawkish.

  13. ermeni says:

    I'm praying Graham and McCain get voted out.

  14. ermeni says:

    I'm praying Graham and McCain get voted out.

  15. Mike d says:

    yes them two are war mongering pieces of crap they are the reason there should be term limits weed they bad apples out before they get us all killed the will start ww3 then hide in there underground bunkers why we all die

  16. freshdj01 says:

    What i see on the commets section is a lot of Trump supporters. Why trump supporters do not organize and counteract Anti-Trump protesters at least making demonstrations. Sorry for my english..

  17. Gagard Taer says:

    world war III is coming!!! cocksucler!!!

  18. B Ware says:

    Graham and McCain are Funded by George Soros – Kill them all – eliminate them !!

  19. Gy Bx says:

    Wow. It may be obvious, but it took Trump to say it publicly. McInsane and Lady Lindsay must get erections when they think about war with Russia and mushroom clouds.

  20. RSPainter says:

    I obtained the legal documents, including the Executive Order. If you believe this is not about religion you are lying to yourself. Anyone who doesn't care about what's taking place, never again do I want to hear anyone complaining that a background check infringes upon their Secondment Amendment rights. If you can't defend your First Amendment rights, in my opinion the most fundamental of all the rights the Constitution provides, I don't want to hear anything about any amendment thereafter.

  21. treasonous bastards.

  22. :D says:

    Trump's sex slave made some good points at 2:58

  23. P. Jones says:

    ***WAIT A MINUTE! The only one starting NUMEROUS WARS is that half SILVERBACK-ORANGUTAN TRUMP! In one week he has threatened China, Mexico, Iran!!! MCCAIN and Graham are GOP-hers; but they have YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!!! TRUMP and his CABINET OF FOOLS minus 2, have NONE!!!

  24. Let's face it. Trump did not go through the proper channels wen enforced the ban. He jumped the gun. Setting off a explosion of fear. This man needs to be stopped. What else will he do?

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