President Trump’s New World Order DILEMMA



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  1. wachm3 says:

    Why does Trump appeal to racists?

  2. These old congressmen need to be drummed out of the Congress.  Lindsey Graham is nothing but a war monger who gets off on the idea of going to war just for war sake.I only want to save the Christians in the Middle East and other Countries.  We need to stop overthrowing countries for no reason.  The overthrow of Libya and Egypt should never have happened and wouldn't have without the Obama administration stoking the fire.  It makes no sense to overthrow Syria.What we should have done when ISIS/ISIL attacked Iraq was deploy the 10th mountain division and team them up with the Kurds to take the fight to ISIS.  They would have pushed ISI out of Iraq in  week.

  3. Chad heres a question? after world war 2 and the Jews were put in Palestine and they were giving a piece of land in Palestine in 1947. The Jews just take land as they please look at the global map. Jews said we built some condo's oh that land it's in our way it is not ours lets build on it anyway. We will tell them to leave if they don't we will force them out with soldiers and fire power. We will start something and America will back us up. The Palestinian People have no say they have no choice but to retaliate. To protect what they believe is there's. And the Jews say this is ours it says so in the Old Testament. Now me on the other hand believe that the media are Jewish and only tell you a one sided story of what they want America to hear. Not the other side of the story they attacked first by provoking them to fight or die the only 2 choices they have Israel are bullies and seen the map Israel has created Hezbbolah to defend there people any means necessary.
    Israel does not want a 2 state capital for peace they want 1 State Capital and that is Israel only. They want Palestine out whatever it takes. Peace yeah right So you tell me who the real terrorist are? I'm banking that Israel is the 2nd Hitler and bulling the Palestinian People to retaliate and we are backing the enemy up by agreeing with there demands.America says we see Israel you need more land for settlements. When is it going to end? when Palestine is kicked off there land completely? They barely have the Gaza Strip Look At the Global Map of Palestine. Seriously I think the American and Britain let this get out of hand for way too long. Your take on this about the Palestine land?

  4. All I got to say about Democrats and Liberals.Donald TRUMP those BITCHES!!!!

  5. I haven't tuned in for a while, sorry about that Chad, I really liked this video and your commentaries, please keep up the good work. God bless you and your family, and may God bless America!

  6. LilRed M. says:

    No too the new world order,

  7. Tay J says:

    Hey Chad, I'm a big fan of your videos. I am a British citizen starting my own channel similar to yours, discussing international relations and world affairs.
    I have a question, do you not think Putin will switch allegiances? I can see Putin turning on Iran should he find a better deal offered by the U.S. Should the U.S choose to support the Russian world project, then i can see Putin joining Trump in pursuing a campaign against Islamic extremism and perhaps even states that sponsor it.

  8. God protect Trump! Its really crazy scary world we live in!

  9. TipoJ M says:

    If Mr Trump puts Israel before America he will turn to salt .   Everything he does after that will mean nothing until finally they end his life just like they killed JFK. same people. Draining the swamp is not an option his own survival depends on it

  10. TipoJ M says:

    NO MORE NEW WORLD ORDER !!! Russia is MY friend Neocons are NOT

  11. TipoJ M says:

    Peaceful period ? Insane mother fucker ..the USA has been at war NONE STOP !!!  Globalist Neocons like YOU Mc|Cain  are war mongering nutjobs

  12. You are right, these are always the problems. The majority of repubs and dems are globalists, so having a repub majority in senate, house and executive (as well as perhaps supreme court) doesn't make as much of a difference as people think it does.

    I guess it's good the president is the guy who wrote Art of the Deal. Because you are right. He's going to have to negotiate to get anything done. Hopefully he negotiates well. One step at a time, and finger's crossed.

  13. American the judgment day has come !! ??

  14. show of hands – who has a gut feeling that Graham "u got my#" Lindseedoil and Mulch "Turdle" McConman and who's that guy what looks like he be storin shit in his cheek like a hamster oh yeah John "Oldfart" McFreekinsonofcain and etc are gonna get their cometrumppence? k put yer hands down yer startin to draw flies.

  15. You should have msm beating down your door, oh but msm doesn't go so much for analysis, they're more "tell them something that doesn't require thought". I'm old enough to be my great grandfather and I watch and listen to all sortsa stuff, any side any angle, so in my mind I'm very qualified to say there's few very few analyst of your caliber. Thank you.

  16. TJ James says:


  17. bulsheting man hisbo allah terorest kill americans in iran hhhh how many people get killed in iraq bean kiled by army of usa tge kill halff of iraq people milliions

  18. Omar Villa says:

    Israel killed American soldiers

  19. John McCain needs to shut up and retire already….he is a globalist..fuck the new world order

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