Prince Exposes Illuminati Depopulation Plans!!!


2013 Obama Gun Ban:


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  1. Off topic but how'd they fit so much sexy in this tiny man? ?

  2. Bobby Rivers says:

    Man i hear all of yal. Let the bullshit begin. RIP Prince i hope their all wrong

  3. The story goes that Elvis and James Brown were out together partying
    like the bad mofos they are,
    and they ended up tag teaming this hot gorgeous fox who pulled up
    in a soft top, blood red Cadillac at the crossroads there in Mississippi…

    Robert Johnson knows the Crossroads I speak of!

    Anyways They both nailed her in the back seat under the full Moon…
    And They ended up both impregnating her,
    and it turns out she's a half and half…
    Half woman, Half Goddess…

    you see it seems that neither of them wore a rain coat,
    cause back in those days you could get butt wild
    and the worst thing that might happen is you'd just have an illegitimate child…

    So they found out about their child, Prince,
    and pawned the kid off to John L. Nelson,
    whom they both personally admired and respected greatly…

    And the story goes on for everyone to Live Happily ever after…

    Except both Elvis and Brown claimed before their death
    that John L. Nelson was also present,
    on that fateful moonlit night of decadence and debauchery,
    however he has never confessed…

    Who knows?

    All that matters,
    and all that we do know, with complete certainty,
    is they are all BAD MOTHERFUCKERS!

    God Bless Them All!

  4. You guys all sound stupid.

  5. Wesley Chery says:

    1st Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, now prince. they killing all of our leaders that have a voice to make a difference

  6. I've seen this before and he spoke the truth. What an intriguing awesome spirit this guy was. I'm so sad that he is gone from this earth but I will see him in paradise when i get there. RIP His Royal Badness you will be missed.

  7. T Saraceni says:

    This is not our real home. Not down here. and all this can be true. why could it not be.

  8. Johnny Jay says:

    People are now saying murder.. it dont make since to me and it might be ture who knows?What's odd to me is 2pac, said Jehovah, Biggie study at one time, left eye also or family where JWs. MJ also was or still was… now prince. all these people spoke the turth and now the Media is playing games….what's really going on?

  9. 10hooper says:


  10. Nola Susan says:

    So sad. They killed him. We need Anonymous.


  12. nope he faked it like david bowie…or he was cloned and they tired of him and he was discontinued

  13. and he was pushing the agenda like no other …look at his album cover

  14. ALEX MCFEE says:

    They will kill prince soon who eva talks truth will die like JFK Michael Jackson Robbin Williams s illuamnti is evil worship satan 

  15. I am so very sad that Prince (Roger) has crossed over. He was a brilliant musician. He was led to be isolated, mind and spirit..all he had left was prophecy ! Claudia

  16. Lisa Bragg says:

    I know one thing. A beautiful, talented and incredibly spiritual man is gone forever. I was 12 when Purple Rain Came out. Damn…. it was such an emotional rocking movie. probably to old for me. I cried today for the worlds loss. For my loss.

  17. johnnyrotton says:

    The self-righteous prick nearly chokes on the word 'chemtrails'
    His 'religion' and social 'conscience' were just fashion accessories to him
    Everyone forgets what an obnoxious control freak and demanding diva he was

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