Prince Talks About The Illuminati & Chemtrails


Prince interviewed by Tavis Smiley in 2011. Disclaimer: materials used to make this video are the property of the record label, artist, movie studio and …


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  1. Jim Dunn says:

    There was 8 Presidents before George Washington ? ? ?
    Huhhh ?

  2. brave man to say the truth,,salutti brother,,,!

  3. pantherwmn70 says:

    we have lost a True Genius. ??RIP PRINCE??I cry cry cry like the doves

  4. SHAWN T says:

    Jew cunts killing blacks and muslims

  5. miggs80 says:

    Love Prince but that pushing the blame on others and manganese spray bullshit was the biggest excuse I've ever heard lmao.

  6. miggs80 says:

    I see the low life conspiracy theorists are already blaming the illuminati again lmao.

  7. Dave Long says:

    Pervy Prince was obsessed with sex and he died from AIDS.

  8. Justin Widle says:

    Everyone does know Prince was raised a Jehovah's Witness, right? Prince was more based than humanly possible, and knew a lot more of what was really going on than he let on.

  9. Rest in peace my brother

  10. Alex Elias says:

    Illuminati kills all the greats

  11. yo Charlie est ,I are most ignorant!

  12. man no artist came close to Prince, R&B, Rock, funk, jazz….

  13. first I was delusional, said no way Prince, on drugs???? ppl what are the tell tell signs, never gain weight, always covered up..
    PS….rocked my Prince poster in the 80's the best ever

  14. dsamh says:

    Sorry, I can like his music, but crazy is crazy. He ends the segment with "prophecy is what we have to go by".

  15. May the King lives on Prince <3

  16. My friend who is a Jehova's Witness met Prince said he had zero ego nicest person he has met

  17. ahhhhh talking about not knowing information yet not knowing jws DID vote, that they have shares in everything he stood against.
    I hope he didn't leave them his money!


  19. Knowledge is Power : 1.Never argue unless You Have Done your own research. 2.Look past mainstream media, they really are there to keep us all at bay and to program our way of thinking about our country and what may be going on around us. 3.Concerning Prince's death, you should ask more questions… like, "why were people told he was ok after leaving the hospital and then he was FOUND on the floor in his own Studio at home " but the media, local news never mentioned that. He had pneumonia but wasn't in bed when he was found? 3.Come on now, why are Big stars who start speaking out about things media NEVER informs us about ending up supposedly Drug overdosed, Hung or suddenly dropping dead from illness ? 4.The powers that Be want us all to be Ignorant because there is most definitely an AGENDA in place and keeping The Majority IN THE DARK is the best way to follow through with it without a fight… PAY ATTENTION and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH… Please!

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