Process: The Adidas Ultra Boost AKA “The World’s Best Running Shoe”


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  1. Henry Jensen says:

    The real question should be How much does it cost to make it in the actual sweatshop !

  2. bir boka yaramaz ayakkabi

  3. geçen gün ayakkabı aldım adidastan ama 3 ay bile giyemedim

  4. rezil bir ayakkabı markası ve kalitesi

  5. yazıklar olsun aldığınız para haram zehir zıkkım olsun türkiye firması adına ve sahibi emektarlari yazıklar olsun

  6. Planning to get this one if it's restock. Just one question, I have a Adidas superstar UK size 7.5 and it fits me well. Should I go with the same size?

  7. Mackie31088 says:

    I just got these shoes today as I have recovered from a hip fracture in an accident a few years ago and couldn't really run well before now. This is the only running shoe I have had a pain free run with, they're amazingly soft and springy and I love them! It's totally worth investing in this shoe!

  8. Nano_Spaz says:

    so comfortable ..

  9. Okay. Questions: Is this shoe good for flat to medium arches? Are they good for distant running(5K – 10K)?

  10. 1:45…. we get it you vape…

  11. I have 5 years experience about shoe making.can u give chance for working your company

  12. MATT PAI says:

    After working as a trader(Customer-Me-Factory), i realized everything isn't really worth the price. its just because it f*cking ADIDAS

  13. freddyeg6sd says:

    Shut up and take my money!!

  14. hip360hop says:

    "the world's best running shoe" that you'll never actually wear running because you just dropped like $200 for them

  15. All these Ultra Boost and I still can't cop a pair

  16. ᄅ98 says:

    these are really easy to find where I live. Don't know how people aren't able to get their hands on a pair. you find these at stores all the time

  17. KarambitKyle says:

    nice to actually see the inner workings of a sweatshop!

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