Project Reality: World War 2 ► Normandy Landings (Livestream Highlight)


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  1. while everyone is giving you shit, Bluedrake, I just gotta say I'm impressed with your leadership skills.

    You're exactly the kind of Squadleader, hell even Commander, that I'd want in any Military Simulator.

    People don't understand that the whole point of Project Reality is to simulate real life. (because none of us actually want to go and be fucking shot up by a russian)

    If it's not realistic, then where's the fun? If I didn't have a cocky leader, then I would have a leader that is unfit to command.

    The cringe in these comments, of butthurt people

    and i have a fnaf/undertale pfp and these butthurts cringe harder than me.

  2. Non Stop says:

    I wonder if WW2 will ever come to the game SQUAD.. On PC, that would be amazing, but in saying that all PR players, should now come and join us in SQUAD, Buy SQUAD today on steam.

  3. i like your immercion are awesome and good leader

  4. rossg964 says:

    I like how this guy plays

  5. Dude you should talk shit like this in rust legacy. You'd scare the shit out of people.

  6. Cake says:

    Can some1 give me the downlaod link?

  7. Koala Kam says:

    Koala is confused, All I understood from that asshole's BS when he was shouting at you was 'Squad 2 get on the flag' I don't play the game cause I haven't decided whether or not 2 get it, and even I think that he was being a but rude. You were just doing what you thought was right for your squad to go, Getting FOBs or whatever you need to do at that point in time.

  8. S WADE says:

    Damn dude you're an angry person

  9. wow this bluedrake guy is a dick and comes off like a smug cartman-like asshole. "i think ive played this game enough" wah wah wah

  10. gcgrabodan says:

    Project Reality… How many bullets did you take? 20? And after 5 seconds you are healed? Tom Raider was more realistic, at least you had to collect a medicit ;)

  11. You are a jerk, worst squadleader I could ever have.

  12. ACSR Gaming says:

    Calm down man your playing a video game…Geez

  13. Joshua Kelly says:

    what game is that

  14. my favourite part is when he shoots at towards the enemy miles away with an assault rifle X'D

  15. Is ww2 a mod or what? I have project reality but i dont know what this is. Can please reply? It would mean a lot.

  16. geriger1 says:

    "Guys we need squad 2 to move on the objective. -Dude fuck off, I played this game long enough to know what im doing, FUCK OFF!!"

  17. Dude you really sound like a NeckBeard with that attitude problem.

  18. In games like these, you either become a pussy leader with absolutely no control and authority over your subordinates or a dick everyone hates but listens to. Unless you're an asshole and still don't listen.

  19. is this arma or bf2 or what idk looks like arma

  20. Argie87 says:

    Why his team mates are so stupid?

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