Project Reality: World War II ► The German Line (Full Round)


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  1. Is this the normal project reality, or is this like a mod for project reality?

  2. Konrad J says:

    where to get this WWW2 mod?

  3. EmperorJosh says:

    I'm super impressed with the accuracy of the Omaha beach map. I find it funny that you fortified WN73 way more than the Germans did.

  4. Ian Brahier says:

    project reality is for bf2 right?

  5. Any idea when the final release of PR:WW2 is coming?

  6. Getting PTSD.. watching this.

  7. YUNOBF3 says:

    That guy who shot you.

  8. If its called "project Reality" why does your character re-chamber a round every time he takes his STG44 out?

  9. everyone needs to get their fucking shit togather he says as i realise that my drink is pouring out

  10. enyone else watched the whole thing

  11. "Calm your caps, Hauptmann Rage"


  12. uberness says:

    if you were my squad lead..i would frag you..

  13. Ragarnoy says:

    Best shit i've ever seen. Are there air units too ? How much content is there ? Are there tank variants ?

  14. Daniel S says:

    LAWL at the jumpscare at 12:13

  15. Sam Deddens says:

    This looks like a windows 98 game

  16. how can i play this ww2 version?

  17. Cody Devitt says:

    seems like they came a very long way from when the ww2 mod first release and there was a hidden bagpipe you could find for fun :3 But im afraid the teamwork is just not there just look at you pressing m your all scattered all over the place, I remember when squads actually stayed together and there was some really awesome tactics but now its just all the same q.q i miss when project reality was new and the community was awesome

  18. MedicalMan says:

    What game is this and how do you play exactly? XD

  19. 16.54 best part of video by far

  20. aaa aaa says:

    When people pronounce FOBs eff ohh bee.

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