Proof of Life and Water on Mars?


Joseph P. Skipper

It is also a companion to my book “The Hidden Truth: Water & Life on Mars.” Like the book, this report presents much of the core better hard verifiable surface water in a liquid state evidence and living forest life evidence thought to be impossible on the Mars surface. Also all this evidence is presented here in plentiful enough sample numbers so as not to be regarded as aberrations or denied or ignored. Please access the book for more details and insight.

It is the hidden Mars demonstrating a shockingly different view that will astound some who only thought they knew this our sister world. Please understand that all of the evidence here is thoroughly documented and verifiable in the MGS official science data at the links I’ve provided under each image below. Link to this report and let your friends and others judge the evidence objectively for themselves.

The visual evidence is presented here in two sampling blocks representing the better of the discoveries. In the first block you’ll see quite a few different bodies of water in a liquid state with some of these surrounded by the bonus of very conventional looking forests. The second block is all about samples of large form forest life Mars style none of which are by official consensus suppose to exist at all on this world.

Remember that the Mars surface is officially suppose to be completely dry and devoid of life. Further, the atmosphere is suppose to be 95.35% carbon dioxide (CO2) with only a very tiny .03% of water vapor and super hard frozen to the tune of as much as –220º Fahrenheit or –140º Celsius. In other words it would be a race as to whether an unprotected Earth human out in the open there would be speedily killed by too much poisonous CO2 gas by many times over or quickly frozen to death.

Note that, even though all of the following evidence is in the official science data and available there for verification, you have never heard a peep out of NASA or JPL as to its existence. So this amounts to the hidden Mars that it appears someone in control does not wish you and I to know about or at least also ignore. Also note that I have added a slight bit of false color to these online images to increase clarity and the viewing comfort level. In any case, the high drama visual evidence is as follows.

in a liquid state

Google 29 12 03.59 N— 81 53 24.79 W………………..Verify M0902042
at MSSS and USGS…………………Verify E0801033 at MSSS and USGS

Verify E0801033
at MSSS and USGS………………….Verify M0901354 at MSSS and USGS………………….Verify M2100302 at MSSS and USGS

Verify M2101233 at MSSS and USGS………………….Verify M1201191at MSSS and USGS………………….Verify M1300009 at MSSS at and USGS

Verify E0301938 at MSSS and USGS………………….Verify M1401647at MSSS and USGS………………….Verify M1500073 at MSSS and USGS


Verify M0804688 at MSSS and USGS…………………..Verify M0703768 at MSSS and USGS……………………Verify S0600607 at MSSS and USGS

Verify S0800425 at MSSS and USGS…………………..Verify M0902835 at MSSS and USGS……………………Verify S0702300 at MSSS and USGS

Verify M0804110 at MSSS and USGS…………………..Verify E0900320 at MSSS and USGS……………………Verify S0800782 at MSSS and USGS

Verify S0702623 at MSSS and USGS…………………..Verify S0801170 at MSSS and USGS……………………Verify S0800050at MSSS and USGS

As you can see in the first block, the real Mars is a planet with quite a bit of surface water in a liquid state and some of the water sites are surrounded by what clearly appears to be massive super dense old growth conventional looking forests. The second block backs this up with samples of a large variety of forest life most of which may appear a bit strange to us simply because it is unique to this world and different. Now, remember, this is on a planet that is not suppose to have even one example of any of this must less these 23.

When we see surface water in a liquid state this tells us that Mars surface conditions cannot be as hard frozen down to as much as –220º Fahrenheit (–140º Celsius) as NASA, JPL, and the official consensus would have us believe. Further, this many samples of it tells us that the relative multitude of evidence you see here is not an aberration and is quite real. It also tells us that the critical instrument data that says that the Mars atmosphere is 95.35% carbon dioxide (CO2) with only a very tiny .03% water vapor is obviously very wrong. Scientists dependent on computer modeling feeding such erroneous base data into their models will not achieve truth but only what others by intent and design manipulate and wish them to see.

So, does any of the above evidence look like simple rock and soil geology to you that you’ve seen countless images of on TV? This is pretty simple and obvious stuff isn’t it? Yes the rock and soil geology is there but it is hidden under this super dense and massive cover of life thought to be so impossible. While it may take some rocket science mentality to get equipment to another planet to take exploration images, all it takes to interpret the images presented here on the question of life is a little common sense. Do you have that? Do you really care?

So why isn’t NASA and JPL pointing the evidence presented here out to scientists and the public and encouraging deeper inspection instead of ignoring it like it didn’t exist at all thereby effectively suppressing it? For that matter why aren’t the science communities eagerly and aggressively pursuing this on their own instead of just blindly following NASA and JPL’s lead like domestic cattle in taking the position that its impossible and just can’t be? Also, why isn’t the mainstream public up in arms about this being ignored and pushing hard for some real truth instead of meekly and submissively pretending like nothing is wrong?

Something is most definitely wrong people …..really wrong! The truth is that for all of the massive tax money spent on space exploration by the public over the years and decades, the public gets very little in return for it in the way of truths that I suspect are ultra important to us all. The real truths go to someone else coveting them who then make decisions affecting our countries, our world, and our people but with impunity remaining illusive in the shadows with sacrificial identities placed between them and the proverbial chopping block of responsibility and consequence.

Yes the evidence shown here are samples from my book The Hidden Truth: Water & Life on Mars and nothing new. There is of course more evidence in the book not shown here and also more enlightening. I’ve put in extra effort to make these online images as clear as possible but you’ll need to refer to the book to get my take on this visual evidence including that you see here.

I appeal to you to purchase the book and spread the word about the evidence there and in this report. Not only is this badly needed by everyone, frankly book sales are now the only effective support for me and this work. With the passing of my wife, I now have no other source of income other than my own completely inadequate far below poverty level Social Security that doesn’t even cover my very conservative monthly living expenses must less any cost of this work itself.

I’m often asked the why of the secrecy? For many, including many scientists, it just doesn’t make sense. However, that’s because most of you going about your every day lives just can’t identify with the psychology of those consumed by megalomania and their addiction to control and power. These types want to control any environment they find themselves in and expediency becomes their guide in doing so. This requires a great deal of money to buy influence that leads to power. Further, in case things go wrong, which often is the case where expediency rules and blinds, they wish to avoid any consequences. That requires their being hidden out of sight in the shadows and that in turn requires secrecy.

Secrecy comes to rule and then becomes the unquestioned social norm permeating our every day lives. At the root of it all is flawed crass human nature. However, just above that is a very wrong but practical level cherished by the power/control addicted. Consider this scenario.

Alien technology far more advanced than our own but observed over time from a distance is determined to really exist. An occasional crashed or shot down alien ship provides a much closer hands on view of that advanced technology and those who weld it. The knowledge gained provides the difference in advantage of nations over other nations and ideologies. It is perceived that this advantage must be preserved and protected at all cost and so secrecy on this on a national level takes shape as well as power and influence and the exclusivity of the individuals who participate in it. Early lessons learned is that secrecy is very difficult to maintain and mistakes are made.

So evolving large scale secrecy is clamped down on ever tighter and tighter into smaller and smaller isolated circles excluding even leaders. Strong resourceful leaders object and start worming their way in. Strong independent resourceful leaders with courage are not desired from the power/control addicted point of view and it becomes increasingly advantageous to keep them out of the process and sidelined promoting only “cooperative” leaders conveniently vulnerable to manipulation. Over time the top is more and more stacked with “cooperatives” that are ruled by expediency and so bad things start to happen because their handlers have their eyes on different prizes of acquisitions elsewhere.

Any of this beginning to sound familiar? When addicted parasitic types run to much of the show, it can come as no surprise that things will eventually go in the toilet simply because they are parasitic addicts and can’t stop themselves. They are at the root of the problem but no patchwork “fix” of their making is ever going to impact them negatively. So “self” always rules!

Because of the deeply ingrained secrecy and as long as it rules, the inaccurate perception of Mars as a dry dead world may prevail to the point of undermining our social destruction. On the other hand, simply because the Mars secrecy is based on lies and yet connected to 2+2=4 science, it is possible to turn this around starting with the visual evidence you see here as leverage. If this can happen, then secrecy all over the place will quickly be in trouble and mankind may be able to come out from under this smothering cover of pretense and deception.

Evidence like that you see here is the leverage to make this happen but it requires you in the public to get involved as it is never going to start at the top where suave smooth mediocrity prevails. Bring this report and the book evidence links to the attention of everyone you can think of all around the world including the media and regardless of language. Push and push until it gives! Make this go viral! Help yourself by helping your fellow man to wake up to the danger or we will all reap the consequences.


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  1. flcim says:

    the thing is there is not concrete evidence … beside most people think seeing it is to believe it … but seeing can be deceiving… the best evidence will still be getting the sample back or analysis lab on the planet mars…

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