Proof we are in the early stages of WW3 World War 3 – Presented By Spiritual Combat


In this video I discuss how current world events are setting the stage for a near future World War 3. I discuss how Russia and China are building up there …


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  1. time to prepare? and built a bunker.

  2. Mr. Anderson says:

    "China and Russia have become increasingly aggressive in politics and with there military's." NATO Has 30,000 troops built up on their border.

  3. Jay 1 says:

    the u.s and NATO are being the aggressors not Russia, not China they're just reacting to what's going on at their borders.

  4. Jay 1 says:

    Yo spiritual combat u shud continue this ww3 series of videos u did a hell of a job breaking it down for the audience

  5. Univa 2015 says:

    Eo eo eo se va acabar el mundo todas las predicciones se están cumpliendo este 9 de agosto a las 5.00 horas

  6. Please spiritual combat continue with the ww3 news….i will spread the news on facebook since most Americans are not paying attention to the real news between Russia and USA!!

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