Proof World War 3 2015 ISIS Illuminatis NWO China Russian Gas Oil Energy Crisis


World War 3 2014 Russian Gas Oil Energy Crisis Illuminati numerology New World Order China It’s not just about predicting the future, but it’s also about …


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  1. really???!!! Isis is recruiting teens someone alert President Obama quickly he needs to get a clue!!!!!

  2. Nick Ross says:

    you know i see whats going on, and i also see that anonymous, does nothing, because as we are all aware, protesting and videos, wont accomplish shit,its going to take a complete crash technologically and otherwise, ie a complete reset, and im sure anonymous could crash many of the computer systems out there that control our current sheeple lives, but do they do it, no they dont, they go on and on about changing things, but they dont seem to get the fact that change wont come from talking about it, so i say, do somthing about it then, anonymous, or are you just full of hot air, once the technology is gone, what would follow would be comlete chaos, and eventually a reset, but of course again all you do is talk.

  3. Thanks for sharing

  4. Tom Britton says:

    So every year we get this stupid shit, new world order plan 2015!! world war 3 2015!!! you can literally just google "World war 3 "insert random year that has past" proof video" then you get this stupid fucking shit, stop having such sad and pathetic lives.

  5. 2009Andersen says:

    take this video down and keep your foot in your mouth.

  6. Viper LGG says:

    Looks like they were wrong

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