Property Owner In Jail For Shooting Robbery Suspect


Cleveland, Ohio- A property owner is in jail this weekend after shooting a third person who had broken into his vacant warehouse.

Miodrag Bugarcic was arrested pending an investigation into him shooting someone who allegedly broke into his vacant warehouse in Cleveland on East 65th Street. This is the third time that Bugarcic has shot an intruder at the same location and in the two prior incidents he killed one suspect and wounded another.

Property Owner In Jail For Shooting Robbery Suspect

On February 13, 2014 Bugarcic found a man in his warehouse who appeared to be cutting wire to steal. When the intruder fled, Bugarcic gave chase and fired upon him, hitting him in the stomach and the buttocks. The police said they found the suspect a short distance away, still alive.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Bugarcic has been the victim of burglars either. In November of 2012 he encountered an intruder at the same location and he shot and killed the man, and then 3 weeks later he shot and wounded another man for the same reason.

Bugarcic wasn’t charged in either incident although the firearms he used in them were confiscated by police.

In the latest incident Bugarcic used a .22LR caliber rifle to shoot the intruder.

Bugarcic may or may not face charges because of the last incident and investigators believe that the intruders in all three cases were hunting for scrap metal they could take to a salvage yard and sell.

Source: WTVM

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    This needs to happen more often. It is an occupational hazard for all thieves.

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