Prophetic Events Are Happening – End Times Events (August, 2016)


In this edition of end of the world videos, we are going to present you the worldwide apocalyptic and prophetics events that has happened on August, 2016.


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  1. TEH kEEpEr says:

    9 eclipses (partial and full) with 7 blood moons (partial or full) and a partridge in a pare tree.

  2. Ruby Jackson says:

    These stories are old and already been reported on a different youtuber channel.

  3. Scaremongering at its best. This planet has ALWAYS had problems from day 1.

  4. Jay Reilly says:

    It's ok, some molesters beg for their lives, and get a knife stuck in their eyeball.

  5. thanks all friends and family.

  6. Pretty Dank says:

    Guys i had a dream where i had breakfast and it came true, the world must be ending

  7. yahshu1 says:

    Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I'll fear no evil because I have the TOUGHEST MAN to every walk this earth walking in front of me, THANK YOU KING YESHUA THE MESSIAH FROM NAZERTH KING OF THE JEWS, THE NAME/AUTHORITY ABOVE ALL NAMES/AUTHORITIES, THE ONLY NAME/AUTHORITY GIVEN UNDER HEAVEN BY WHICH MAN CAN BE SAVED.

  8. Khris Trid says:

    yes a lot of this is old news months old

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