Psychic Readings with Oma – World War 3


Oma tells us what will happen in a short period of time.



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  1. violeman says:

    I SURE HOPE YOU ARE WRONG !!! But with everything that is going on in this world, There is a very high probability that Nukes will be fired everywhere .. Stay Safe !! DEv

  2. my name is not erik

  3. 1996isover says:

    I know, it's Eric. I was just kidding. My grandma's been asleep for over an hour now.

  4. im not eric im scobby doo

  5. 1996isover says:

    She's wearing a blanket and heating pad.

  6. niam txiv says:

    hehe, it is happening already. it's happening. ww3 

  7. Happen happen happen nederlands

  8. Search World War 3 begins on 28th August 2014

  9. No survivors you say? Are you sure you are a psychic?

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