Psycho Killer Ted Bundy : Documentary on America’s Worst Serial Killer (Full Documentary)


Psycho Killer Ted Bundy : Documentary on America’s Worst Serial Killer (Full Documentary). …


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  1. Marko Bundy says:

    i read somewhere, mby in ann rule's book, that he was gang raped before his execution :D

  2. Bobert Gomes says:

    Ted would have loved the internet.

  3. ted bundy fot president#2016

  4. There was no reason for that Devil to kill innocent people.He was a sicko.

  5. Nami NomNom says:

    at 9:40 "he was taught that his grandfather and grandmother were his parents..and elinor was his older sister"..ummm what? ..that doesnt make sense.. wasn't elinor his mother who gave birth to him?

  6. Mack p…. Scary punk bitch why dont you unblock me so i can further showcase your stupidity.

  7. The people outside cheering his electrocution are disgusting. I'm sorry. Made me want to hurl.

  8. Timo Canto says:

    If there was such a thing as just evil, I would be all for capital punishment. But the truth of the matter is that it is never as simple as good vs. evil, and these serial killers have underlying mental issues. In a lot of these killings, yes the killer knows what they are doing, but they lack empathy.

    In any case, I would just rather these people sit in jail and obviously never again be a part of society. But these people that were outside cheering.. burn Bundy, etc.. these people are sick too, but luckily for them they are a few brain lesions from being serial killers themselves.

  9. alan bane says:

    lol porn its adulkts fucking GET OVER IT

  10. Ja Jo says:

    But…he said his home was nice and christian :"""D wow what a story

  11. in the bundy movie it talks all about his mother being a slut

  12. arianefr78 says:

    There is still the theory that his first victim was Ann Marie Burr when he was 15 years old…

  13. Kevin Kelbie says:

    Everyone gets to emotional over him… "He died too easy". You guys obviously don't realise that he is no more to blame for the fact he killed all those people then you are that you didn't kill those people. Free will doesn't exist and he needed to be taken down but death is not appropriate. He should have been helped with his sickness and if he couldnt have been helped then he still needs to be locked away. Seriously this way of thinking is much better as it makes it so you don't have extreme hatred for people who do terrible things.

  14. shyt i be happy af if i was their too.Ted Bundy one the most notorious serial killers of all time

  15. Alice R says:

    It just still doesn't make sense. So many kids grow up in abusive homes and yet they don't all end up serial killers. I can kind of understand the anger growing up with an abusive alcoholic father but never dreamed of preying on anyone to kill. It affects you but not like this. I get that he's a psychopath but from what I've read not all psychopaths are murderers. Be interesting to know more about the minds of people like Ted Bundy. They're the scariest given how well they camouflage.

  16. Psycho Killer
    Qu'est-ce que c'est
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better

  17. There is always this "mommy issue" most serial killers have.

  18. Rayno C says:

    He reminds me a lot of myself… Unfortunately

  19. Its all disgusting. Him killing people, them wanting him dead. Obviously you would be right there with them, lol.

  20. Do you feel that the case of Ted Bundy a perfect example of why we need the death penalty? Or is the death penalty just revenge rather than punishment or deterrence, which most countries have already eliminated and America should get rid of this barbarian relic from the past?

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