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  1. Shelley Clay says:

    A lot of writings in the bible are and have been orchestrated by the illuminati, and ideas that have been written in there by previous psychopaths & sociopaths that were in power at the time.

  2. Real Reel says:

    Everything in life is a game that someone is trying to get you to play.

  3. BoomSnap says:

    why didn't you mention the actual numbers from the massacre at the start of the documentary? only the burned woman and children.

  4. All I hear is
     "this crazy shit happened."
    "that crazy shit happened."
    "now this crazy shit is happening."

    The scene of the children and babies being killed and having their hands cut off and being nailed to doors was unbelievable.

     I actually feel pretty good about my life now. That sounds awful.

  5. 52:00
    "Washington was a slave owner."
    "Madison was a slave owner."
    "….." was a slave owner."
    "Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner."

    Who owns us now? Are we not slaves, too? Just because we're not being wimped outside with a leather whip doesn't mean we aren't slaves. Technology is now used to imprison the mind and rape the body. And idiotic slaves working everyday who eat poison and have been dumbed down by the media and with drinking water happily participate in enslaving people who can't work.

  6. NYC1954 says:

    Anything with anti American socialist elitists like Zinn and Chomsky in it reeks of Leftist propaganda. Same old BS from this lot: America bad, her enemies good. A must see documentary, that's if you are a self loathing American.

  7. Why is it necessary to ruin the narration by background music/noise? Geeez… people want to hear the content, not drama.

  8. time code 1:08:08

    "Social breakdown, environmental catastrophe, and further alienation between the American people and their government."

    Notice the 666 on the barrack the working man is walking towards, as those words are narrated.

  9. Mark says:

    what is that guitar track at 17:53?

  10. kynes333 says:

    1:24:00 forward is the crux.

    "US never had mass prosperity throughout its history.  It was just a period between 1946-1980.   …From about 2000-2008 it has gone down hill.  (ie Working hard does not = prosperity.)  We are currently in more disparity between rich and poor that we are back at the year 1900 type levels."  

    The only way to have wealth is by having the poor.  After all, what is wealth is: being above the average.

  11. Documentary started off informative, then became a Chomsky anti-consumerism and anti-american shitfest. Give me info on PR ties to warfare tactics and government agencies, don't give me a lecture on american morals.

  12. Guy New says:

    all we can do is surrender this world to the evil satan but give our minds and hearts to God.. satan may rule this world and many super rich but his time will end with their rise to power which will bring an end to them as well. Jesus will rule the next world and that is the world we all need to really be concerned about. Why worry for our short time here on earth. Eternity is the reality people need to be educated about. For those who do not want to listen to the gospel of Jesus and seek their own short term gains in this world i pray. May God bless you all who do believe and follow Jesus and his teachings amen

  13. Cody Jäger says:

    I want to say that i like this, but the narration and the back ground music make it hard to take it seriously

  14. John Jameson says:

    Anyone know the film where execs pissing on muddy poor people coms from?

  15. Olympic-88 says:

    Very very interessting and educational.
    Exellent collection and summary from the intellectual people.

  16. He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this is also vanity. Ecclesiastes 5 : 10 KJV

  17. The other side of the same coin. This documentary is just counter intelligence to tell you about the problem you already know about, tell a few truths while distracting you from the real culprits. Who largely owns the media, the PR and the entertainment industries? Who are mostly the big names in social sciences in academia? Any particular group is over represented? These are the questions a documentary about psyops should be asking. Chomsky and people like this are not going to ask them.

  18. jackchorn says:

    I;m not convinced in the good of a large middle class. Just look at us today- all this wealth absolutely squandered. We need to construct a society that has an infrastructure that revolves around living with less and simply. More parks- more open space for gardening are a few ideas. Instead today we have strip mall after strip mall with little places of respite in between. Let the rich chase their wealth- but do not let them corrupt power.

  19. what about the psyops of Watch Tower and Jehovah's witnesses, who train their children alongside them to do the work of evangelists. child labour laws? parents and children in the field working together? sounds like first century Roman times where there were freemen and faithful and discreet slaves like the governing body of JW Geoffry Jackson at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, check out the elderly and cognitively frail whose demented cognition lays the basis for their work. unpaid child labour for the elderly leaders providing strong/tyrannical leadership

  20. Kotipelto says:

    Failure to mention the jew is bad!

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