PUTIN CALLS OUT NWO AGENDA – Putin’s Speech Calls Out Key Aspects of New World Order Agenda


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PUTIN Calls OUT NWO AGENDA – Putin’s Speech Calls Out Vital Elements of New Planet Purchase Agenda

Russia has begun routing out in Syria, but the country’s leader, who resolved the U.N. General Assembly on Monday, has beforehand voiced problem that the US, though purporting to Alex Jones plays clips from both Obama’s and Vladimir Putin’s speeches at the UN and analyzes their information. Prior to a assembly with Obama this 7 days Russian President Vladimir Putin explained to Charlie Rose of CBS’ 60 Minutes the U.S. energy to fund, train and assist Syria violates intercontinental law.

“In my viewpoint, provision of assist to illegal buildings operates counter to the rules of present day intercontinental law and the United Nations Charter,” Putin mentioned.

Almost all of the in Syria have sworn allegiance to and other jihadist teams and there is not “a secular battling force to talk of,” The New York Instances reported in 2013. Putin mentioned the Russian response in Syria is lawful and proper underneath intercontinental law. russia u.s. united states the us “united states” speech UN “united nations” russian elite leader leadership world worldwide “new world purchase” enterprise media information amusement tendencies puppet command electric power games agenda “saudi arabia” “middle east” display law law firm europe finance bank banking people humanity peace country protected stability 2015 2016 upcoming friendship connection husband or wife “safe and sound haven” society nyc “new york” “new york city” “elite nwo agenda” legal rights liberty illuminati gentle evil bilderberg george orwell new world purchase speech alex jones lindsey williams louis farrakhan conclude recreation september october 2015 blood moon jsnip4 symbolism pope third expression obama election hillary clinton biden infowars gerald celente coast to coast am

The Russian president named for an intercontinental coalition “We have proposed cooperation to the international locations in the area, we are attempting to create some form of coordination framework,” Putin mentioned.

On Saturday The New York Instances dismissed Putin’s energy as political theater developed to “shore up his capability to solitary-handedly dominate Russia, as he has for a great deal of the earlier fifteen a long time.”

The Russian energy to enable the federal government of al-Assad combat in opposition to U.S. and Gulf Emirate funded and qualified is basically a “bread and circus” stunt meant to distract Russians from the conflict in Ukraine, according to Maxim Trudolyubov, the editor at huge of the newspaper Vedomosti, a Russian language enterprise day by day.

“The minimum undesirable solution nowadays is to develop a no-fly zone in the south of Syria. This could be finished on a shoestring, enforced by U.S. Navy ships in the Mediterranean That would conclude barrel . Just as crucial, the no-fly zone would develop leverage to force the Syrian regime — and its Russian and Iranian backers — to negotiate.” The policy of admitting identified terrorists began final yr right after the Obama administration altered legislation, the Immigration and Nationality Act, developed to preserve anyone who supplied product assist to from stepping on US soil.

“We are not pursing any foreign political goals or ambitions, of which we have been routinely accused. The level is just to defend Russia’s nationwide pursuits.” In a speech prior to the United Nations, Putin named for an intercontinental coalition to overcome


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  1. Alex Jones is Jew whirled Odor , controlled opposition. He doesn't give a shit if he stirs up conflict that kills Americans and compromises the security of this country, all he cares about is defending jewish interests. Israel and the Jews are teh only ones he never criticizes. . Obama made the mistake of opposing Israel's genocide, thats the only reason Jones is attacking him. The guy is a piece of shit kikesucker

  2. Aka Øntõp says:

    Pope? ?GIVE ME A BREAK! What do you think they will do to him when one world government is established?
    Anyways You will NEVER hear Alex saying Zionist Jewish criminals run America/Congress/HollyWood,he always talks about Saudi Arabia and ISIS which is good am a Muslim and i don't like the Saudi terrorist royals but you have to acknowledge the fact that all the US presidents after JFK are all front men that distract you from the real people who run the country and by the way Putin makes Obama/Bush look like children

  3. Putin speaks the truth. I love him for standing up to NWO. Obama compared to him is very weak. Makes me embarrassed. Thank God he is ought!

  4. Slick Beezy says:

    oh now everybody's on Russia's dick.

  5. do not put your faith in donald trump….the united states is not a business he has no place in that office,and remember the business that he ran failed,other people run he,s succesful ones, the country needs a true world leader with big balls and has to be prepared to die because when they go against the co ops and israel he or she may be killed.

  6. Putin is a Russian kosher Jew who was put into power by the Rothschilds. & he wrongfully invaded Ukraine. Oh & Alex Jones is a shill.

  7. This is all B.S. and the publisher of this propaganda non sense should be arrested and sent to Russia to live with criminal dictator Putin !!!!

  8. I will take Putin over Obama any day.

  9. John Doe says:

    @ 2:19 why does alex put up the 666 sign?

  10. Alex, are you researching..Everything you have said Russia is not doing..
    THEY ARE!!

  11. Mike Litoris says:

    Tinfoil hats!! Tinfoil hats for sale!!!

  12. guy fenley says:

    The more I hear Putin on these alternative media sites, the note clearly I see the truth ….I hope the allie he now has in Trump leads to an unstoppable assault on the globalists agenda. I respect and admire Putin.

  13. you are not aware that zuckerberg is censoring facebook in germany because merkle demands it. he is trying not to. german politicians are screaming for tighter controls and saying facebook does not do enough. so dont blame zuckerberg on this one…

  14. Tom Burke says:

    I love Putin and Trump…

  15. Then let's fight with Putin. Arrest the Rothschild family and all their minions in Hollywood! We must protest against sick satanic New World Order. They are poisoning US!!!

  16. Angel says:

    Has anyone ever wondered if youtube purposely doesnt count all the views on channels like these in order to influence public opinion?

  17. There is no comparison between Vladimir Putin and Obama! Putin Loves Russia and Russia's peoples! Obama doesn't care about American people, he only cares about himself! Putin is devoted to his people and the motherland Russia at all costs where Obama has zero sense of the meaning of a nation…and her people! Obama is a liar and evil! Obama is totally responsible for supporting Isis since years ago according to our different world media and other nations stating this as factual…very sad for the Americans and the world. By the way, CNN is on board to hide the truth from the people at all costs! CNN does not bring the truth to her people…they should be shut down because the media is supposed to serve the people, tell the truths not cover up crimes.

  18. parinit says:

    please for a not native english speaking person this is much too fast and inartikulate (?)…..a pitty cant share this

  19. MrCyborg1973 says:

    Hillary is gonna destroy not just america, but the whole Damn world..

  20. MrCyborg1973 says:

    Putin is right..the united nations is evil and has a global agenda and Obama and Hillary clinton are a major part in it..the united nations is the wild beast in the bible..wake up fast people..

  21. Ish Deen says:

    saddam khadafi…….. putin whos next

  22. Angel 003 says:

    hi, what are you thoughts about Pres. Duterte of the Philippines challenging the US, UN and EU?

  23. Sharp S says:

    I don't get this guy man. He trips me out. He makes a few good points sometimes

  24. Obama is evil, a cold blood murderer that hates the people. Obama wants to enslave everybody in the world.

  25. Russia is fighting for freedom. Now Russia is bringing hope for all humankind.

  26. We all have different status in life but one person's integrity is never worth more then another's something the elite 1% will never comprehend. Life deserves a chance by nature's rules not by people who think they can put a price on life.

  27. The ministers on TV. They are Mason's. The 33rd level makes the club of these sick people. It is what it is. Same with the Pope, lots of government people. Anyway, nothing is what it seems. I am a Christian. A person who broke away from this told me a lot about it. I thought the person was crazy. Then I started to research it because so many things started to play in front of me. Well, now the United Nation's own our internet. We just think we are free. Anyway, be very careful who you trust. These TV minister's are Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. Same with you friend Alex. Good luck. They communicate with signs, symbols, and numbers. Charley Sheen is good buddies with this guy. Charley calls himself the Warlock. He has numbers tattooed on the underside of his wrist. They love the number 33. Good luck.

  28. He only tells us what they want us to know.

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