“PUTIN” Checkmates OBAMA On New World Order WWIII – NWO “W.W.3” MARTIAL LAW Is Near! (Nov, 2015)


BREAKING NEWS ! RED ALERT !!! ” W.O.R.L.D W.A.R ” and NWO are coming ! Share … Share … this video must be shared with max number of people ! Up In …


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  1. webrad98 says:

    Good one though

  2. Tranzone says:

    it's emi-rates mate not eri-mates… just saying lol

  3. 0L10L1 says:

    Russians and Chinese weapons ,,,,oh my,, cant even make decent toys,,, goodness sakes,,, why be scared,,, Obama just laughing at these idiots…..lol

  4. ok but wait did we put a foot in our mouth here
    we give guns to them and they kill us . wow why not give them the whole
    infintry . we hit isis so if we do that then they retaliate . why not say opps
    we train thsse people and they launch missles I say hand to hand combat
    will show whos better

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