Putin evacuating places preparing for world war 3 year 2016


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  1. Problem ! If America attacks China and/or Russia and or Iran or prevokes an arrack there can only be one winner, the East.Why because when WW111 is launched American people will panic and turn on their own goverment and it''s enforcer's..Also EU will be history Nato forces will be crushed and them UK,French ,German capitals and power centres will be destroyed .You see modern warfare can be fought and reduced to survivor;s fighting with 24 hours and any leader uncertain od result of war will try and eliminate allies of America..Logical .Scorched Earth policy.

    East will rise from the ashes but, America will be reduced to third World status with no allies (fate of all bullies ".Finally ,remember for all the American bluster ,US satelllites can be destroyed by Chinese missiles ,leaving communication problem for US Armed forces and also a navigation problem -American armed forces use Sat Nav to negotiate battlefieds .South China seas very big area .Also recent tests show US missile defence systems not as good as Russia and stealth capacity not a problem for Russian Radar.Add in 47 faiilure rate on missile launch system USA should remember the old Generals adage on War ."Never engage an enemy until you are sure you can guarantee three things as certain.First ,that victory is assured ,secondly if the first is wrong, that you have a retreat plan ,finally do not start a war which ends up with your country being annihilated by opponent because that would make the whole war ,a pointless exercise ." Obama does not care ,he is a puppet ,he says what he is told to say etc.China and Russia are ready for a war to the last man standing

  2. Gecko says:

    Invasion of Europe by Muslims predicted by whatdoesitmean.com and also Nostradamus.
    Romanian/Russian Clairvoyent stating 2016 is the year of this event………so we will see!
    according to REPORT from Sorcsha Faal News …….
    Nostradamus has given frantic warning for Geneva the home of CernGate leave leave Geneva all Saturn will turn Gold into Iron the opposite of the positive ray(RaYPOZ) will exterminate all……..

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Come on people of the USA, get your heads out of the sand. The last thing we want is a nuclear war with Russia or any other country. LIVE AND LET LIVE.

  4. At the end of this video there's a request for donations but seeing I'm a member of the Uri Nation all that I'm able to do is  _iss on it.Warning:Chief yellow bird's spray has been known to tarnish all that glitters.Keep in  mind that this response was not meant to offend nor disrespect for it's sole purpose was intended to humor or for others tick you off,your choice ?————-Exploitation remains the driving force behing most requests for your money.

  5. nofooIn says:

    CNN News? LOL. This channel won't be around for long.

  6. nofooIn says:

    I'm not sure if this is a Russian or Chinese channel, but in any case the logic of this video is profoundly lacking. A quick look at the map shows just how far China has overstepped its legitimate borders with their claims of the South China Sea. As for Russia, they have annexed territory that is not theirs. This isn't war mongering of Obama. This is Russia and China acting in a way that will provoke a conflict. Yes, we are in danger of having a world war, but it is because of the actions of Russia and China.

  7. Steenk says:

    Russian troll video. YAWN..

  8. Whats so ironic here is how China was challenged over these islands. It is called the south CHINA sea. It's been used and seen as part of China for centuries upon centuries. Go figure. Wake up !!

  9. Bud Ugrow says:

    I love the internet. In the past all this propaganda would have left paper laying all over the ground. Now it just pollutes our pc's.

  10. China belongs to Mongolia. it's historical Mongolian land.

  11. acgillespie says:

    I just wish for Christs sake someone with balls would begin to fire a fucking missile and lets get this party started….7-8 years of end of the world video's have warped my mind and destroyed my life….lets just do it already..

  12. Dec Bergin says:

    you live in dublin

  13. 77sandy49 says:

    do you ppl consider Canda as the United States i hope not

  14. Andrew Gisch says:

    CNN is so trash……………..I can't believe they still exist. Suck

  15. We, the public of the most hated U.S.A. need some target practice for all of our guns…BRING IT ON!

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