Putin – history channel documentary – Why I Like Vladimir Putin



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  1. Sadly, we here in Canada have surrendered our sovereignty to the Neo Con war hawks.  God speed Russia and Mr. Putin!

  2. "A Russian equivalent of Barack Obama (Baryslav Obamayev?)  would be an absolute disaster – even greater than the American Obama is panning out to be

  3. Can the speaker be identified (is it PH)?

  4. To answer my own question during the video, the speaker was PH (journalist and author Mr Peter Hitchens) as identified in the closing credits!

  5. KarlVyt says:

    "Stalin's Russia reversed brest litovsk  Putin's Russia will reverse what happened in 1991"
    I think one needs quite a unique level of delusion to even propose or support such an action. , things that Peter has in abundance.

  6. joey florez says:

    NATO will defeat Russia in WW3 2015.

  7. Dan Lobovsky says:

    irony = praising Putin for standing up for sovereignty and not intervening in other country's affairs, considering what he's done in Ukraine and Syria

  8. To the guy coughing, f you, go home. Otherwise great lecture.

  9. as written and directed by Putin.

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