Putin: Illuminati Plans To Use Islam To Spark World War 3


Putin: Illuminati Plans To Use Islam To Spark World War 3. Source: http://yournewswire.com/putin-illuminati-plans-to-use-islam-to-spark-world-war-3/ …


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  1. Laura Cook says:

    This is the plan…check out the protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  2. psiclonus says:

    Obama's connection to MUSLIM BRUTHAHOOD is UNDENIABLE!!

  3. I wish all haters would keep your opinions to yourself, as far as the voice try listening to what is being said, not who or how it's being said, do your homework and decide then. I see out there some of what is being said is happening, Keep positive thoughts and love and light for the planet and all of her peoples. I am sorry to all the negative and haters. I forgive you, please forgive me. I love you, thank you.
    Victory of the light.

  4. Marc Ward says:

    just read "Satan: Prince of this World"… Albert Pike predicted the world wars in the 1860s, he was a 33rd degree freemason… Luciferian

  5. MrMateusz07 says:

    usa plans world war 3 … barany

  6. 3057John says:

    What is not believable about what has been said here?  Look around, it is happening now.  I do not like the robot voice in the video though.  What's with that?

  7. Predictions esp those based on timelines are BS!!! Even the best psychics will tell you time is not applicable to the way this universe works…anyone who says otherwise has alterior motives…same with channeling-makes me sick!!! People flock to these gurus to shovel this shit at them, berate and belittle us and these followers are so starry eyed they literally bow in reverence. Do a little soul searching, go out in nature, become a critical thinker-trust yourself!!! No one is going to lead you to your truth-that's up to Y-O-U ?

  8. tEh kEEpEr says:

    People have to understand that these visionaries were blinded to some degree, they could have been watching television and thought it was real. They may have been falsely shown things.

  9. Truth1001 says:

    Putin is a freemason.

  10. Truth1001 says:

    you are wrong about Islam. The Islamic prophecies are very accurate. The mahdi will rule the world. And around the time during or after India is conquered by ISlam, WW3 will erupt in the West. In this war Russia will destroy UK and USA thoroughly. Naimatullah Shah Wali attests to it.

    Then after the Mahdi, there will be a period of decline, the Believers will be taken away by a cool breeze, and for some time the scum of all of creation will be alive for doomsday.

  11. Truth1001 says:

    You know that Muslims didnt do 9-11. Islam is the truth and the only thing standing between the illuminati and Satan and control of the world is Muhammad, Islam, and the line of Muhammad.

  12. Scar Archer says:

    Ciamond says…. LADIES better make sure You got a real MAN at crib if it do come down!

  13. See "Baba Vanga's Predictions for 2016"

  14. Just when you think retardness had hit its bottom, you find this video

  15. I'm sick of your crap, if you a true child of the Creator, stop hiding your voice, for all I know your Jason A, trying to make money off another channel, be yourself, all you care about is views, if this was not true, you would not have adds, your in it for the money…UNSCRIBED!!!!

  16. Putin is totally right. The illuminati is certainly trying to break everything, especially our financial system, and they may. They've been trying really hard for well over a decade to cause all this crap with no avail. And yea…. there may be chaos. It's only because they are loosing control of the planet really and they know it. But NO FEAR. I believe or my gut feeling is we will really end up victorious in the end. We (or all those… rather) on the positive path of love will ascend to the new earth or positive timeline and they can not and the ones left to be dominated, are supposed to be left on the negative timeline for their karmic reasons, as well.  Earth is going to a new density either way. It's just a matter of which earth plain time line each soul is on. I'm not scared at all.  Bring it on!!!! We are eternal. What are they going to do kill me? They can't! Have a wonderful day. I love you all. Victory to the light!

  17. The heart of Islam and Christisnity is Love and Peace. Thr strong bond of love between Christians and Muslims in the Philippines and the rest of the world is a very strong energy that will shatter any attempt for World War 3. Our love will shine for Change. It will shine the light of true illumination in the hearts of the Illuminati. Never underestimate this power of Love. It id very, very strong. It will pierce any being, even the Archons will seek this love. For it comes from the Father. He is calling all that comes from Him. Anger is temporary. But Love is undimmed by time, unbound by death and transgressions. This is the Truth which is universal. Forgiveness, Love, Peace.

  18. Jpizzle Piz says:

    Its not about the voice its about the content, if you listen because of a voice then you are not paying attention to whats said just who says it and that is not the point of the info!

  19. Medication time ha ha You guys sound so out of touch. Probably some board NSA trying to mess w these others.

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