Putin is coming for world war 3 year 2016!!!!


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  1. Mark Felkins says:

    Why not tell us Putin year by year what's going to happen, then expose there evil plans

  2. Bryan Mark says:

    thanks to the corrupt powers that be, Russia has been backed in a corner. The US has put sanctions on Russia that have almost decimated the Russian economy, and Americans have the audacity to think Russia is the party at fault. The US always wants to interfere with the policies of other countries, but does nothing to help anyone when they asks for help. When ISIS attacked Russia's borders, the UN & US did nothing, but when Russia attacked back, the US & UN threatened, and followed through, with sanctions against Russia.

  3. lair lair . isis got us weapons in Iraq from retreating Iraq army. we had to go and destroy them. in Syria us give weapons to moderates who change sides so fast it makes our head spin. our gov. has admitted some weapons got into isis hands. it is not like we just give weapons to a group who will use them against us. this man is just plain wrong.

  4. lee Denver says:

    Good Video,100% accurate—–but you must be really smart to understand,too difficult for fucking idiots

  5. Daniël Oost says:

    Fuck off!, Amerika is the bad guy here! They only tell the bad things

  6. Steve Fauver says:

    what's the song at the end?

  7. Pfsif says:

    That which will bring us war is the lies from CNN.

  8. Steenk says:

    Putinstan would be very very foolish to try any bold stuff with America or NATO.

    He should stick to small countries like Georgia and Moldova. Or dropping bombs on hospitals in Syria. Even Ukraine, which had no army 2 years ago, has shown Putinstan how expensive launching an unprovoked war can be. Novorossiya? Where is it? The imperial plans of invading and occupying all of Ukraine have failed and will never be realised without the loss of a 1,000,000+ Russian soldiers and mercenaries – and even then your economy would be finished.

  9. Andrew Cox says:

    America is the aggressor. Russia has made no offensive moves, meanwhile America expands Nato right into their back yard. Understand, if there is nuclear war, even without a single submarine reaching America to devastate every costal city… the fallout in the upper atmosphere alone will plunge the entire planet into an ice age, with radioactive dust carried on the rains polluting water worldwide. There will be mass extinction worldwide. Billions will die. We used to be taught these things. Nuclear war CANNOT happen. If it does, we all suffer. There is no winner. No matter how strong.

  10. Jason Born says:

    i hope they bomb all the wealthy people in ww3 and the vatican molestors..lol

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