KEVIN BARRETT, of Veterans Nowadays and Press Tv, wrote a potent write-up on President Vladimir Putin and his response to US Puppets tries to discredit him.


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  1. Your vids are excellent and just coming through my feed. I read an article awhile back that stated the Jews were behind destabilizing ukraine/crimea and the brainswashing of people against Putin/Russia on this issue. They (khazarian jews) want it for themselves since many don't want to go to Isreal but to stay in Easternrn Europe and the fact that Ukraine/Crimea centuries ago was full of Khazarian Jews (Empire). Just learning about the history of Khazarian Jews Empire (from your vids) and doing my own research. Never knew this stuff and now I understand the "Jew hate!" Khazarian jews are Talmudists, been reading about the Talmud (and how the torah has been twisted in interpretation). Islam was plagarized from the Talmud…and I see the similarities! So much info links the Khazarian jews to the NWO, they've infiltrated everywhere! We were definately brainwashed for decades!

  2. Do what ever you can to make a constructive difference. Times are changing for the better and you will either join in and become part of the SOLUTION, or continue to be a big part of the PROBLEM. DENIAL is COMPLICITY with the Dark Side. There is NOTHING ADMIRABLE about it! We all need to CHECK IN with REALITY or else be CHECKING OUT for good!

    However, lately I’ve gotten several comments to the effect of, “why can’t you just Be kind, Be nice, and not say anything offensive” to people who write harsh, negative, or downright stupid comments on this blog. Well, I don’t write the things I post to be intentionally mean. But, I’ve got NEWS for you “kind,” “gentle” “lets all just be nice” people. The world has always been tough, harsh, and difficult to face and, now more than ever, for those still sleeping sheeple. So encouraging them to stay in denial will only make it that much more difficult for them to face tomorrow. And now with the emergence of BREXIT & President Trump, their lives will just grow more intense. So, pretending things are otherwise will not make today, much less tomorrow, any easier to face!

    Much as an oversleeping child gets upset when that disturbing alarm clock goes off — a shocking reminding that they must wake up and get ready for school — those dark nights of playful fantasy and DEEP DENIAL of reality are FINISHED. Welcome to the boot camp School Of Universal Life! Those of you still demand to stay semiconscious need to fully wake up NOW, and face our world for WHAT IT IS. “Playing nice with you won’t cut it any more! The most UNKIND thing we can do now is to encourage people to go blithely back to sleep! Just because it’s painful to confront the dawn of Truth that stings your eyes, doesn’t mean you can just crawl back into bed and yank the blankets overhead.

    So, when someone gets on this blog and starts saying stuff about the whistleblowers on these videos like: "BULLSHIT," "HE'S A FRIGGIN' LIAR', or "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS E.T.s. THEY'RE ALL JUST DEMONS", or "DON'T YOU KNOW THE EARTH IS FLAT" or "THERE WILL NEVER BE DISCLOSURE BECAUSE THE CABAL ALWAYS WINS"… Then, I don't feel any obligation to "BE NICE." Such people are just ostriches who insist on keeping their heads buried in the sand.

    So I repeat: Times are changing for the better and you will either join in and become part of the SOLUTION, or continue to be a big part of the PROBLEM. DENIAL is COMPLICITY with the Dark Side. There is NOTHING ADMIRABLE about it! You need to CHECK IN with REALITY or they'll soon be CHECKING OUT for good!

  3. Texocracy says:

    Good video, but silly to compare Hitler to Rockafeller. Hitler was #1 enemy of the Jew world order. I think you probably already know this.

  4. Thanks for viewing & sharing this info with others. Topics here are eclectic, and intended to educate & inspire. FYI, I'm weary of egotistical comments like, "Show me some proof & then I'll believe it." My response: If you want beliefs join a religion. If you want Truth, open your mind & heart and turn on your B.S. meter, & decide for yourself what to keep & what to toss. It's not my mission, or responsibility, to convince you of ANYTHING. My mission is to encourage intellectual & intuitional discernment in every willing viewer. Remember this: THE ONLY PRICE YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR WISDOM IS TO TRULY PAY ATTENTION.

  5. Due to the fact that Youtube is NOW CENSORING many of the comments people post on youtube sites by placing them into the following blue "REVIEW" page where I cannot give them a Checkmark √ , which makes them viewable to you, I will occasionally clip and past the great ones into view myself, in order to bypass their unfair censorship of perfectly valid comments. SHAME ON YOU YOUTUBE!

  6. Nabil Karoui says:

    gud bless you putin/russia

  7. G Thug says:

    Putin is a legend

  8. Вася says:

    Clinton wet pussy fucked

  9. Dear Youtube Viewers,
    Thanks to the fierce dedication and great courage of world-class freedom lovers such as Alex Jones, Simon Parkes, Matt Drudge, Kerry Cassidy, and Benjamin Fulford, more and more sleeping sheeple today are waking up in droves. I, and others like me, are merely “small potatoes” in a field of such monumental whistleblower giants. Yet we all play, each in our own unique and humble way, important roles in spreading the Truth far and wide. So, if you think, even for a millisecond, that your contribution is insignificant or unimportant, think again.

    Everyone knows people who know other people, and we all know how to send an email or a tweet to friends, family, and total strangers. If you’re thus far merely an observer, please consider this. If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. So if you’re not making at least a small contribution to the great awakening, change that NOW. Spread the word of Truth and Hope and Freedom in what ever large or small way that you can. You too can make a constructive and enduring difference.

    Remember “The Hundredth Monkey” story? Well, it isn’t just a theory. It’s actually a universal law. So, do what ever bit you can, and then be proud that you are a meaningful part of the solution to create a better world in which all of us may live long and prosper. Thank you for you many contributions, past, present, and future, and may the Master Creator of this Universe inspire, guide, and bless each and every one.

  10. Daniel G says:

    Putin and Trump are great. I love God. Finally, we have some real leaders, not just whores acting on behalf of the Rothschilds!

  11. Was Hitler with the nWo or against it? Not sure. Cause I feel like the bad guys won.

  12. Robbi D says:

    The God element for Putin is surprising because Russia itself is a Atheist state. I don't know if Putin himself believes in the Christian Judean God like myself, but I do know Russia is a Atheist country. And to have a man protect religious freedom more in his country than our leaders do in my own country is quite shocking.

  13. Putin is a GREAT LEADER protecting his people from the islamic madness..!!!
    EU are traitors to all the europeen people
    and allows histories biggest islamic invasion of Europe
    EU only think about their own Pay-check and Pensions…

  14. TadeSLO says:

    Prescott Bush (grandpa of terrorist Bush Junior who killed more than 3000 Americans in WTC 9/11 to apologize war with Iraq and Afganistan to steal oil, gas and heroin to wash Rockefeller's new printed debt dollars) financed khazarian jew Hitler! REMEBER USA WHO LEAD YOU, DEVIL'S REPTILES ROCKEFELLERS, ROTSCHILDS AND ELIZABETH!!! YOU ARE NOT INDEPENDENT! WAKE UP USA UNTIL IS TO LATE! TRUMP MUST BE WITH PUTIN IN THE NAME OF TRUTH AND PEACE! OBAMA IS JUST REPTILE SLAVE OF NWO!

  15. BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!! Obama is trying to reverse the results of the 2016 election! Please shares the following link and let everyone know what Obama just signed today. https://therealstrategy.com/bombshell-democrats-submitted-measure-minutes-ago-steal-presidency-trump/

  16. Paul Morris says:

    The great Vladimir Putin.

  17. Larry Oping says:

    Chomsky is a Fraud ! Period, A Jew distractionist!

  18. Nellie Price says:

    They are not afraid of Mr. Putin,they KNOW he is right and that does not sit good with them,and the whole world is a stupid statement,it is only America and their allies that think so!!

  19. america shit! they were also saying that our good president duterte in philippines is HITLER! HOW COME>????? because he is a good leader and you cannot control him. you fuckin america stay away from our country and mind your own fucking bussiness look at your own backyard !

  20. Satan=Vatican=NWO=Rothschild=Rockefeller=Clinton=Bush

  21. Yeah! God bless Putin the Great!

  22. All I say is wait till trump elected..well be back on track and in a position to put forth true american values. AND WE WILL BE RESPECTED AGAIN. MARK MY WORDS..FUCK THE NWO!!!

  23. putin is a puppet snd suppports the Nwo. iran is the one who puts fear in the hearts of the Zionists and all satanic govts

  24. lolznoob1 says:

    although america and friends paied and trained the rebels they kill for religious reasons. Please keep god out of it its just an excuse. The World "Elite" arens Satanists their god is money and only money.

  25. it's not just the us it's the entire world wide government systems working withe the banks and putting all the common people against eachother. wow who new the 2 % could be so fd up. wait ask all the people for 1000 of years who have been systematically killed off because they got tired of jew banking control. this shit goes way back.

  26. JRF Ibanez says:

    is there a possibility that what happened in this video, happened to the Philippines as well? Where they over thrown president marcos, with the people power revolution? Replacing marcos with cory aquino?

  27. Hitler openly spoke about freemasons and international jewry. Stop demonizing the Germans. They are the only ones that tried to get rid of the scum of the earth. Great Britain and France backstabbed europe.

  28. Tassima says:

    Wait Pinochet was bad? I thought he just killed commies…

  29. Sabrina Ma says:

    Putin is well aware of 8 Jews Oligarchs have been corrupted Russia government and their unpaid taxes to rob the government, controls government politics, banking and paid extreme low wages to people for the jobs and they can't even have enough income to provide the family. Oligarchs robbed the people and corrupted money for their own riches. Putin got rid of them in order to revive Russia. Instead they accused Putin corrupts, look at the end results of Russia is doing better than and strengthen Military power base to protect Russia from constant stir up from America with Nato against Russia. Rregardless of the global slow economy and Russia is still standing high and proud. He knows how to curb spending in order to avoid huge deficits in finance. Finace is the core of the country household. It is crucial to execise strict/ tight spending not like stupid America, life as usual and deny what is happening internally and pretend everything is ok. Truth tells all. God is with Russia and Putin,

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