Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The new documentary film “World Order” was aired on Rossiya 1 tv channel Sunday. Vladimir Putin was amid these interviewed for the documentary. For your comfort Sputnik compiled most effective bits and items of the interview with the Russian president.

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37 Responses

  1. Keiser Sior says:

    Russia will turn into nord korea…unless this man is gone

  2. alex jacques says:

    I can come to only one conclusion. This world of ours is completely fucked. According to what I read and see on the world News is that there is no hope whatsoever for this world we live in. This Planet happens to be inhabited with a horde of people that are completely Nuts. They do nothing but act like morons. They disbelieve each other and form groups that are completely out of whack with other groups. Everyone wants to Control. Yet at the same time no one wants to be controlled. I cannot see any hope for ever having world Peace. In fact I think world Peace is just not possible for this world. I have lived on this Planet for 86 years and I see absolutely no hope for it. I am finished with You tube and CNN and any other newscasts from these idiots. I will discontinue all political discussions ,,continue living until I leave this world and I wish everyone left here good Luck even though it will take more then Good Luck to straighten out this mess the world is in,,

  3. Emz Wills says:

    nwo??it all stinks like putin,that midget is funny

  4. Russia is fighting against the NWO for all human kind. Support Russia.

  5. Ava Parag says:

    PUTIN IS A GREAT!!!!!! LEADER!!!!!!……

  6. Ava Parag says:

    I AGREE!!!!…. WITH PUTIN!!!!!!

  7. ya it could buy their homes… that could then be easily bombed by another nation because we are using old outdated aircraft while they all advance theirs…

  8. slave slave chips chips news news mass media mass media youtube youtube yes yes yes new car and shit yes yes !!!!!!!

  9. Forcing Russia to knees and ashaming Russia like Germany and other Europeans, will end deadly for Americans, because Russians have another mentality and cooperate with chinese military!

  10. evan troy says:

    Hey, if americans like to suck and take the dick up they asses it doesnt mean that others like it,,,, keep your stuff to your self, russian wont mind if you lazy bastards like to invade other countrys and kill inocent people for oil so you can live better, but ones you start fooking with russia your press wont help you….

  11. BookLover says:

    He loves Christ and his country. obama does not love Christ or our country!

  12. Britannia left the EU a major blow to globalism and europe is starting to refuse migrant control and meanwhile in america morality is slowly returning

  13. Just is says:

    Nuclear bombs is fear mongering.They cannot be easily and everywhere detonated.Not even Hiroshima was a nuclear bomb……..

  14. al capone says:

    The United States are working for the Rothschild to make wars and invade countries all around the world, the NWO is for everyone the Rothschild want to kill 90% of worlds population including NorthAmericans!!! supposely Rusia don't want that NWO!

  15. pedenulle says:

    make 'Murica great again

  16. arthur levin says:

    Can't we all just get along in the name of humanity.

  17. Pat Dawkins says:

    Why is it messed up that you should say make America Great? It's Trump or America is screwed.

  18. what a shame what governments spend on war they could feed the world, what a distorted idea!

  19. Oten Niputin says:

    Philippines and Russia will be part of it.. Nyhaha

  20. There is no new world order. Not the new world order there was going to be. You are so behind the times.

  21. One Truth says:

    the real truely scary thing about this world is it's in the hands of satan . both players have the ability to turn the world into ashz but God has named the blasphemous and the abomination and i don't know if we can stop what is written.how do you make a devil care?

  22. Ray Rate says:

    yeah that is sad. let's build bombs instead of housing folks. how ignorant and arrogant.

  23. Let's make America great again! Some may not like all D. Trumps language, I believe he is the only loyal American to vote for. Hillary is obama, Bernie isn't as bad, but a socialist just doesn't work, the next step from there is usually communism! And that never works. Putin sounds like a normal man.

  24. I agree with Gary's personal opinion, this is a good news report, thanks for the info.

  25. Gecko says:

    Make America Great Again?…………but havent they been telling us for the last how many Decades that USA is the greatest Country on Earth!!!
    American Religious People would find that Nuclear War prophecy revealed YOUTUBE Video amusing to say the least? so the 2 main Reasons for the Nuclear war that will happen are………..One imposters going around the whole world claiming to represent GOD when he didnt send them or ask them to speak for him……….none of them!! and second reason……Apparently he hates THIEVES……….

  26. Annette - says:

    There will be a New World Order but it won't be the one the illuminati and reptilian cohorts think it will lol

  27. USA will implode soon if it continues to print money and pour it overseas in stupid, illegal wars that benefit only the ZioNazis in IsraHell !

  28. Popo Yellow says:

    please for feel free to upload on youtube… i would like to watch too… Thank You… Glorious to Mother Russia !

  29. wish Putin would kill the banking cartel's the oil cartels and the drug cartels too bad they are allied with the American government

  30. Slavic Union says:

    your stupid american black president was an idiot to putin and putin has every right to threaten america for your country making stupid moves on foreighn leaders!!!

  31. America foreign policy is Israel foreign Policy that is Jewish Foreign policy! PUTIN IS CORRECT! Who are we to tell anyone what to do? We have been in one war after the other! Are we not tired to children in body bags? If this nation is to prosper and begin to be the shining light or the Planet we better show the world how a true Constitutional government work here at Home! A Government that is for the people and by the people! Not for any interest of any foreign country foreign bank or foreign people! America The Republic need to start thinking of its own best interest which are The American People! LE3T WORK HERE! LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!

  32. donald trump shud become the president to make america great again

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