Putin Sending Troops to USA for World War 3 !!!!


Hey Friends …..!!!you are watching channel BBC WORLD News . This channel will provide you the latest news which are the best and mind blowing.


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  1. Strange, not a mention of ISIS ? Come on all you god worshipers – where's your god now…

  2. James Rogers says:

    Let the dark forces play, their day is about over. The Messiah will Pray to the Father for us to have the Spirit of The Father for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26. The Spirit of Truth will Live within us. Make the Messiah proud, Hear Him, and the Spirit He left us, for Teaching, and Comfort…

  3. casius cley says:


  4. sanhemb says:


  5. flipmedium says:

    WTF? The job of the military in any country is to be ready for conflict. War exercises is part of training. Personally I would be more concerned with a countries untrained military. Stop the fear porn.

  6. Drexxler 1 says:

    Can we get some news that's a little more current? These events happened in 2014-2015. There's plenty going on now we should be discussing.

  7. Shuzna Begum says:

    stop fukin uploading OLD fukin videos dickhead

  8. Comrade says:

    get off youtube attention whore

  9. I honestly could smell bullshit coming out of the air vents on my PC when this video was playing!!

  10. BS. How can this nigga putin sustain a war if he can't even feed good food to his army. US is flooding of russian immigrants, lots of them here in our city doing home maintenance job. I thought their country is better than US.

  11. If ww3 was going to happen and theres no news about it. There whould be nothing about it on youtube lol thats if you think this shit.

  12. Zyx Wvu says:

    Is there a way I can mute this woman's horseshit? The music is very relaxing. And what's with this fake bbc world news?

  13. Kev B says:

    This is NOT bbc uk world news

  14. George Bush has been taken to Guantanamo bay

  15. Russia will invade Hokkaido in Japan, because Japan had been planning to take back the Hokupo ryoto by employing US mercenaries and deploy many THAAD missiles in Hokkaido, Akita, Iwate prefecture. Japan has also obtained co-operation from Korea by deploying THAAD missile in Korea. This will surround the Russia in the Asia region.

  16. CAJUN says:

    he should just drop a nuke on washingto dc, right in obamas lap. the whole government needs to be hung for treason, or blown to bits would work

  17. Chris Marino says:

    Donald Drumpf will fly us all to Valhalla on the back of a majestic freedom-eagle with wings made from 10 million dollar bills and eyes of 83 karat gold!

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