Putin The ‘New World Order’ Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West


Function Is Coming Shortly – Putin The ‘New Earth Order’ Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West. Vladimir Putin has used his yearly Xmas push meeting to accuse Western liberal elites of abandoning the traditional values that created their international locations great. Instead of creating a potential centered on reliable Christian values, Western elites have made a lifestyle of “excessive, exaggerated political correctness” that is so harmful it will direct to the downfall of Western civilization if it is not arrested.

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25 Responses

  1. We the people allow this as we live selfishly mistreating each other cutting each other off in traffic, aborting babies, sleeping with all kinds of people, tricking each other during business deals, and mistreating the earth even… sin allows wicked things and this is just the beginning, because we will not repent… in fact today less people believe in God so he sits back and lets us have it our way!

  2. This man is not our enemy. We our western countries have become the enemy of THE CREATOR AND HIS SON JESUS CHRIST

  3. Nazistuff says:

    Putin for US president! Putin's words ring true! The West is Kaput! Thank God for Russia at this present time.

  4. 11 year old girl are giving birth to babies in the uk parents are allowing their children at nine years old to have boyfriends and girlfriends..SO SAD ?


  6. bull this will not happen thanks Putin

  7. Marius Stan says:

    i was subscribed to this channel and now i have seen i was unsubscribed. wtf ???

  8. Howard Duck says:

    AMEN and AMEN. God bless Putin, and help us to turn back to godliness and rationality.

  9. Our leaders are pedophiles who worship the devil. I hope Trump is different. I voted for him. Obama is a pedophile.He has a lust and hunger for hot dogs.

  10. Only the fools follow political correctness…….they are the Hillary Clinton followers who have proven themselves mentally disturbed!
    They are not capable of seeing through the lies they have been fed!

  11. vik sin says:

    western world dount see normal in raping kids get that discust culture back in their black books books where profets marry rape kill kids

  12. Thomas Press says:

    Yes, thats true and real.

    Our police is following the criminals as a dog.

  13. Judy Dees says:

    I'm so very glad that Putin made these statements. He's right about the NWO and them trying to normalizing Pedophilia. It's a sad day in America where adults think children should be sexually abused and murdered just to suite their pleasures. Lord Please help America to wake up and turn to you and see their sins as even against nature.

  14. Blade Combat says:

    can i move to russia

  15. Blade Combat says:

    already known destroying family destroying men making satanic worship normal
    this man is speaking truth

  16. Duane Welker says:

    I WOULD VOTE FOR PUTIN. Its sure a good-thing God likes us, don't-ya think !

  17. Jojo Mack says:

    Why does our leaders make Putin look the bad guy??? When this guy is a fair and reasonable man.

  18. One Wind says:

    Putin seems to be the only World Leader that has the balls to tell the truth. He also seems to care more for the well-being, safety and protection of America and The American People than our own sitting President, "Obama", who has no official identity or birth certificate and continues to chew through our Constitution and flood our country with dangerous, weaponized young Muslim men on a well-paid mission to disrupt and destroy all that we value. I'm sure he will try to "pardon" himself before he puts his scepter of satan down…IF he puts it down.

  19. Marc says:

    Western women: MAKE MORE BABIES!!! It's a question of simple SURVIVAL!

  20. MR.M says:

    I love to say that he is right again! If it was not because of him, we all would be in the hell annnd regretting why we believed in Clinton, Bushes and other Demon partners. Trump and Putin will save the world and just give them time then you will enjoy your life with all your family members. I am not sure what the system will do against the previous presidents but I believe is to let them help the farmers to grow their own food to share with their families. THose who died and left unbelieveable money for their own families, nothing can be done against them but the money and their families must be under control of the system in order to make sure that they have no chance to fool the people again!

  21. Putin makes more sense than our own President!

  22. IAMIDGAF says:

    It's good maybe we can agree some day but hopefully without our own personal beliefs to get in the way.

  23. Matt says:

    the amount of Christians in these comments baffle me the things this channel says goes against most christian teaching

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