Putin vs Illuminati: The Rise of Russia & China The Dollar Collapse


Direct Provocation of Russia Coming In Few Days https://youtu.be/lPpfbU_9CI4 . FAIR USE NOTICE: This video contains copyrighted material the use of which …


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  1. Jojo Mack says:

    Trump for President!

  2. Russia has sensuality, you can hear it in their voices, America does not. Period. The sin is credible because it is the touch or mind and flesh for thought. God is the antichrist that tells us not to sin. The blacks in America make the whites and other races afraid to express their emotions causing fear. Blacks should admit that they believe they are inferior and request pardon. In slavery days the blacks masqueraded like they were suffering but I think Aliens were really the ones suffering in their black bodies. Illuminati?

  3. the biggest deception of all times nazi germany continue the 3 reich of adolf hitler
    3 reich exist all the time it never ends

  4. as long as a central bank ran and controlled by other people who have no interest in its country men those country men will no longer be men but sheep

  5. mvapollo13 says:

    Oh, save us, POOTIE TANG, save us. Now some self-righteous Troll is going to post a nasty reply. Peace to all people of good will.

  6. Buldog Aero says:

    the fire power of Russia still remains 7 times greater than any other nation… President Putin is wise ,he doe's not want war, yet no-one will listen to him… the truth has not come out yet , yet it all is made to look like President Putin is the Baddie…

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  8. Ali Akan says:

    god bless putin

  9. Ali Akan says:

    money is paper it wouldn't get u anywhere in life

  10. Putin come to usa and be our presisent!! We need you

  11. u know what's weird..in history class we never learned much about Russia or middle east.. ? weird. ?

  12. Doña LeVeck says:

    Hahahaha! Putin knows more about the American government than most Americans do.

  13. fears cliff says:

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  15. i love Vladimir Putin!!!

  16. BRICS relevant due to Western unilateralism: Putin (Full Article) https://goo.gl/yHS0gW

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  18. Tim Sorsdahl says:

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  19. Putin helped Syria destroy their chemical weapons with UN documentation as complete. Putin destroyed ISIS in Syria in 6 months when the USA could not in 2 years.
    Putin has banned GMO farming in Russia.
    Putin wants to lead the world in non GMO production.
    Putin said his country will never be cashless.
    Putin wants a gold backed Ruble.
    Putin is leading Russia from the damaging attack of UN santions to a stronger more independent Russia.
    Putin will destroy the world banker war mongering army NATO = ISIS, CIADA.

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